10 Best Heatless Curlers 2023, According to Hair Stylists & Reviews

If you have super long hair, we don’t blame you for being nervous about trying out heatless curls. That said, you probably have the most to gain, too, because it can take forever to curl using a hot tool. Enter this velvet curling headband, which shopper Stevie Jones swears by. “My hair is long and thick, so it takes forever to dry, and my hair just stays wet in those silkier hair rods,” she says. “I feel like this fabric kinda soaks up some of the dampness from my hair, so it curls and dries my hair at the same time,” The velvety fabric also grips hair a bit better, so it’s a great option if you have more fine strands. As a bonus, it even comes with an empty spray bottle for water or your fave hair product.

  • Pros: Good for long or thick hair, affordable
  • Cons: Not ideal for frizzy hair

Material: Velour / Included Pieces: Headband, two hair ties, hair clip, spray bottle, claw clip

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