12 Best Earmuffs, According to Style Experts 2024

We appreciate anything that’s functional and fashionable, and the best earmuffs certainly live up to that test. They’re the perfect accessory for a below-freezing day—an easy way to get some ear protection and add some whimsy to your outfit. Better yet, these fuzzy winter headbands are back in style in a major way; they’ve been spotted on everyone from Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner. They’re way cuter than the standard winter hat and a nice way to try something a little bit different—while staying warm in frigid temps.

But what separates good earmuffs from the absolute best earmuffs? One word: comfort. You don’t want earmuffs to squeeze the top of your head, move around and mess up your hairstyle, or irritate the side of your face. Perhaps you want your earmuffs to work as earplugs to help drown out external noise. Or you want the convenience of a pair with Bluetooth, so you can cue up your tunes while walking in the snow. To help you find the best earmuffs, we spoke with fashion influencers and scoured customer reviews to find fan favorites

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