14 Great Shelving Units We Have On Our Wishlist

One of the best (and quickest) ways you can bring personality into a room is with some cleverly styled shelves.

Take a quick look at the homes we feature and you’ll notice almost all of them have a beautifully put-together shelf, somewhere in the house.

Whether you decide to fill them with books, ceramics, lamps, indoor plants, or even artworks, these sentimental items can reveal meaningful stories about you and your life — you just need a great shelving unit to get you started!

The sleek Mouse Shelf by Idle Hands is a favourite option for a reason. Made in Melbourne from powder-coated, laser-cut steel sheets that are completely customisable, these contemporary open shelves are ideal for styling against a wall in a living room — or even as a room divider!

We also love the classic String Shelving System from In Good Company for its simple, streamlined design that ensures all the attention will be on whatever you choose to display.

Plus, anything freestanding like the Kirribilli Bookshelf by Koala is a perfect, no-fuss strategy to create more storage in smaller rooms that lack built-in storage. The design is a modern twist on a classic tall shelf, featuring strong lines and natural Ash timber veneer.

If you like the idea of open shelves but also need a few closed cupboards to hide clutter and those less-aesthetic items, the Soho Double Wall Unit by RJ Living provides the best of both worlds.

The Colour Cabinet from Cult is an excellent option if you’re looking to make a bolder visual impact with its high-contrast colourway. Available in differing configurations — ranging from low media storage units to multi-shelving consoles — these shelves can be easily closed by delicate glass doors.

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