20 Best Leggings on Amazon That Reviewers Love in 2023

Finding the best leggings on Amazon should be considered an art form. Sorting through so many styles and descriptions—rise, waistband, material, thickness, stitching, breathability, price—can take hours. Is there even such a thing as the perfect pair when there are literally thousands of brands with near-identical black leggings? Yes, there is, and the mega-retailer’s detailed, unflinchingly honest reviews are the key to narrowing down your options. (The same can be said for finding the best sports on Amazon.)

From helpful pictures and videos to lengthy treatises that read like novels, customer feedback gives you a taste of exactly what you’re putting in your cart, whether it’s a viral TikTok product or the famous Colorfulkoala leggings. (They’ll also give you an idea of what to leave behind—even the best dupes still aren’t Lululemon leggings, after all.)

In the interest of time, we took things one step further and combed through Amazon’s extensive inventory in search of the undisputed best leggings on Amazon. These soft, supportive pairs are bona fide bestsellers, with some garnering tens of thousands of customer reviews. They’re so detailed and convincing that our staff may or may not have purchased a few pairs while researching. These are the top tights to buy right now, according to very enthusiastic customers.

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