8 Unexpected + Timeless Colour Combos To Try At Home

Green + timber

Timber tones are versatile and coordinate with many colours, however when paired with green, you have a particularly harmonious combination. Timber and green feel natural, fresh, calm and timeless.

Matching the intensity of the green with the right timber means taking note of the tones and saturation. A deep green ties in well with rich timber tones as seen in this kitchen above.

Ready to start?

It’s best to start with the vibe. Remember, a harmonious colour scheme will be more tonal and have less contrast. Whereas something more dynamic and ‘interesting’, will call for higher saturation and more contrast.

Note the colours of things already in the space that can’t be changed — flooring, for example — and work back from there.

The key here is to test the colours. Order in A4 colour swatches to narrow down your chosen colour palette. Then buy sample pots and large boards so that you can move the coloured boards around the space in a different light. See how they work against the other materials. As you experiment and narrow down your selections, you’ll begin feel more confident. Go for it!

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