Biden Hilariously Does Holiday Meme of Himself While Hunter and Ashley Get Into the Fireworks

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Joe Biden admitted to Democrat governors on Wednesday that he needed to sleep more, work fewer hours, and avoid events after 8 p.m. That alone should have been setting off red alarms, and they should have come out very concerned. They also were upset that Biden didn’t want to talk more about whether or not he should step aside. Between that and the leaks, it became very clear that not all those Democratic governors were completely happy/on board with what was going on, whatever they might say on the record publicly. 

Spinning that everything is fine can’t stop Biden from short-circuiting. He was having trouble even before 8 p.m. at the military event at the White House on Thursday afternoon as they were holding a barbecue. He told service members he’d been in battles with them, telling a bizarre story that made no sense about traffic congestion and continuing to peddle the debunked “suckers and losers” story. 


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But then, in the evening, they had a further celebration of the holiday, with fireworks for the military members and their families. 

The confusion was contagious as Kamala Harris mistakenly started to call him “vice president,” then quickly caught herself — but then oversold her cleanup effort by calling him “extraordinary.”  Biden responded by saying “Ho, ho, ho” like he was Santa Claus at Christmas — and then wishing people a “Happy Independence Day!” 

It was after 8 p.m. 

He did the meme. 

Some also joked about X if he was referring to Kamala when he said, “ho, ho, ho.” Despite the mockery, she has to be thinking that the possibility of her taking over has recently become much more plausible. 

Then came time to leave the stage. But Joe’s handler Jill fell down on the job and just walked off with Kamala and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, leaving her husband behind. Joe tried to follow, but he was much slower. 

Then, as they were watching the fireworks from the second-floor balcony off the residence area, Biden grabbed Kamala’s hand and held it up like they were a pair of prizefighters. When the fireworks started, he oddly turned away to look behind him. 

Then Hunter, Ashley, and several of the grandchildren joined them on the balcony. 

Ashley seemed to be having quite the party, as many people noticed. 

Meanwhile, Biden was just staring off at the fireworks, seemingly oblivious. 

At this point, the train just keeps going off the tracks. 

Let’s hope the White House doesn’t have what they had after the last Fourth of July weekend when they found cocaine on the premises. At this point, Biden is just trying to keep his head above water as the pressure on him just continues to mount as more and more calls keep being raised against his candidacy. 


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