Biden Reacts to the Hur Report and It's a Horror Show of Confusion, With a Damning Admission

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Special Counsel Robert Hur delivered a report on Thursday saying he would not be charging Joe Biden. 

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But it was devastating even without that. Hur basically gave him a pass for willfully retaining and disclosing classified documents because he was an elderly man with a bad memory. He said that Biden couldn’t remember when he was Vice President and couldn’t even remember when his son died, a central event in Biden’s life that he talks about all the time. Then the pictures of how he was keeping the documents were very bad. too. It was a mess. 

Yet Joe Biden, failing to grasp the situation or simply trying to put the best face on it, claimed that he was victorious after Hur called him an elderly man with a bad memory. I’m not sure that’s the flex he wants to take. 

He didn’t leave. 

Listen to what he says, and see if you catch the damning admission he implicitly makes here. 

He claims it was an exhaustive investigation “going back 40 years” to “when I became a U.S. Senator.” 

Remember the 1974 classified document he previously mentioned? The one he could not possibly have had any right to remove or have possession of when he was a senator? That was 40 years ago; what’s the explanation for that? I haven’t had a chance to rip through the whole report yet, but Biden again raises that question — what is the explanation for that? 

He said he did a five-hour interview on Oct. 8-9 last year with the Special Counsel. He couldn’t remember when he was VP or when his son died, but hey, details. 

Biden insisted his case was different from that of former President Donald Trump, including on the question of obstruction, but he failed to note the question of obstruction raised in the Hur report about the deletion of tapes. 

Then he continued into his confusion, not remembering Roe v. Wade. 

Do you live in a red state or a green state? Biden doesn’t know what the colors are now. 

Then the elderly man with the poor memory shuffled out. 

Is the purpose of the report to force him out? Because if not, it just killed whatever there was left of his campaign. 

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