Billie Eilish Has Mixed Feelings About Her Blonde Era

Like the Barbie she sings about so beautifully in “What Was I Made For?” Billie Eilish knows the power of platinum blonde hair. And she has mixed feelings about trading in her signature two-tone for a Marilyn-like hue a few years ago.

When Eilish first hit the scene, she was rocking two-toned locks: lime green on top and black everywhere else. Nowadays, it’s red. On top. Black everywhere else. But in between, there was Blonde Billie. “At first it was fun,” she told the LA Times about her period of bleachedness. “I was really excited for the blond era—like, Blond Billie is gonna be so cool. But it did not go how I wanted it to go.”

Like many young women, Eilish is still figuring herself out, and her hair color often reflects her mood. We’ve all heard of the red hair phase! But for the singer-songwriter, being so much in the public eye, the wrong hue became debilitating. “I completely had no idea who I was,” she recalled. “I came up with this whole aesthetic, and I just got swallowed up into it.”

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