Burger King Makes a $300 Million Investment in Modernizing Its Restaurants — See the Updated Look Here

Burger King is set to revamp approximately 1,100 U.S. locations with a $300 million investment, signaling a significant next phase in its ongoing revitalization efforts. This initiative, part of a plan announced by parent company Restaurant Brands International in 2022, aims to modernize the fast-food giant’s facilities.

“This $300 million will purely be leveraged for upgrading and modernizing restaurants in the Burger King system, getting us to that 85-90% modern image goal by 2028 in partnership with our franchisees,” a spokesperson told Entrepreneur.

The improvements include new equipment, dining room seating and a sleek, updated look for the restaurants, including ordering kiosks.

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‘Reclaim the Flame’

The $300 million investment is an extension of the “Reclaim the Flame” strategy initiated in September 2022. Restaurant Brands International allocated $250 million towards a “Royal Reset,” including renovations, technological upgrades and new equipment. It directed an additional $150 million to enhancing Burger King’s mobile app and bolstering its advertising efforts. The company says it’s seeing positive results.

“As a result of this initial ‘Royal Reset’ investment, we have seen strong sales uplifts from the 100 Royal Reset remodels that have been completed and reopened for at least six months,” a Burger King spokesperson says.

As part of the plan, Burger King has developed a long-term menu strategy focusing on customer preferences and brand identity, including investing in its signature Whopper sandwich, improving staff training and upgrading kitchens. The company is also creating strategies to promote new burgers, breakfast items, beverages, snacks and plant-based options.

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Carrols purchase

Earlier this year, Restaurant Brands International acquired Carrols Restaurant Group — Burger King’s largest U.S. franchisee, which operates in 23 U.S. states — for $1 billion. The acquisition included remodeling commitments for more than 600 former Carrols locations and, combined with the previous investments, meant about three-quarters of Burger King locations would be modernized by 2028.

According to Burger King, the latest $300 million, combined with the acquisition and Reclaim the Flame initiative, means that the company is on schedule to reach a key objective: Modernization of 85-90% of Burger King locations by 2028.

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