Cara Delevingne and FKA Twigs Kissed at Vogue World 2023, and the Gay Internet Loved It

In news that seems specifically designed to personally kill me, model and queer music-video director Cara Delevingne jumped onstage and kissed FKA Twigs at Vogue World: London while the musician was stealing the (admittedly star-studded, and thus hard to steal) show in a LaQuan Smith bodysuit. The two exchanged a brief yet legit-looking smooch before Twigs went right on with her performance, leaving a mohawked, punk-clad Delevingne in her wake. Love it, obviously!

People platonically kiss all the time, and honestly, I don’t even know with 100% certainty if Twigs is queer (although she did take a notable stand for trans rights in 2020, something I desperately wish more people—straight, queer, or a secret third thing—would get comfortable doing). Still, you’re never going to catch me arguing for fewer sexy lesbionic moments at internationally viewed fashion events, and according to Twitter, I’m not the only one who clocked the moment. Below, find the best social media reactions to Cara Delevingne and FKA Twigs’s Madonna-and-Britney-but-make-it-actually-queer-esque moment:

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