Cardano & Ethereum Classic Investors Enticed by DeeStream's Promise of 120X Streaming Profits

Investors are constantly trying to get connected to great profits. The crypto space is often the best bet for that with many options and various success stories. Despite a volatile market, opportunities are there for the taking. 

DeeStream is a project that many speculate could be the best opportunity right now. It is in the second stage of its presale but is already hyped to be a game changer. Cardano and Ethereum Classic investors seem enticed by the promise of 120x returns. Here’s what we think. 

Cardano Drops Below $0.6

Many had started to associate Cardano with the $0.6 price as it had stayed around it for much of March. This comes after holding the price for the last days of 2023 and the starting days of 2024. However, Cardano has now dropped from this position and may decline further. 

Cardano is worth $0.5836 per unit as of press time. This is a huge drop, by some 18.87%, from the value it held in the opening days of March. Cardano has lost 11.69% compared to seven days ago. While experts disagree on whether it has become bearish, it is noteworthy that Cardano has been dropping since the last days of last month. It may challenge the $0.6 position again and rise above it before the weekend.

Ethereum Classic Hangs at $30

Ethereum Classic is worth some $30.09 per unit as of press time, experiencing a decline that is widespread in the market. Ethereum Classic has sold as a unique option within the market with a good upward trajectory but this stumble may be difficult for investors. It may not even hold the $30 position for long as it is still declining. 

Compared to the initial days of March, Ethereum Classic is some 8.47% less. It didn’t go too far in either direction throughout March, with a high of $39 and a low of $27.27. Investors may see Ethereum Classic revisit this low in April while the high stays far away. 

In the last seven days, it has lost 6.44%. This comes after intra week values of up to $34.8 per unit. Ethereum Classic could bounce back like it did in March but there are doubts. 

Unique Opportunity in DeeStream

DeeStream is stepping into the limelight with the promise of great returns. But this isn’t new. Many previous projects have had similar predictions so what makes DeeStream special?

First, it is the first ever and only crypto based streaming platform. DeeStream is built on a blockchain, uses various tokens and even provides a swap service within the platform. In addition, it has many features that improve the industry. 

DeeStream has a revised sharing formula for revenue which means streamers earn more. The platform also offers instant payouts to users and is accessible worldwide. Another key feature is its emphasis on freedom of speech which sets it apart from the current streaming giants. 

It has a total supply of 300 million with 210 million of that available for presale investors. All investors who buy from this presale supply earn some of the profits DeeStream will make once it is fully functional. They can buy it for $0.055 per unit now. It does seem better than many other projects.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.


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