David Bromley’s Otherworldly ‘80s Country Home Is For Sale

This home for sale is located on an under-the-radar part of country Victoria just north of Melbourne that’s host to a uniquely hilly landscape dotted with stacks of giant boulders.

Artist David Bromley and designer Yuge Bromley had never visited the area before, but they were so taken by the countryside and the 1980s architect-designed home on site that they purchased the property on the spot seven years ago.

‘The landscape was a complete surprise. I kept getting out of the car and shooting the landscape, keen to get photographs of the awe inspiring landscape that I likened to the Joshua Tree in the U.S,’ says David.

‘Nature was definitely showing off at the time that the earth was doing its thing by letting the giants play with remarkable size rocks that defy belief.’

This particular house was designed in the early ‘80s by architect David Maughan who previously worked under modernist architect Robin Boyd.

‘It was in the highly held part of Tooborac that was particularly laden with rocks and landscape and views that make you wonder what part of the planet you really are on,’ says David.

David Maughan originally designed the house for a client, but it soon became his own home of 30 years.

David Bromley explains, ‘The client had cut 80 acres off her magnificent property and commissioned David Maughan to design something for her son.

‘David did so with such originality — something that portrayed his remarkable vision — that it seemed only fate that some years later, due to changes in her son’s circumstances, that they sold the property to David.’

The semi-circle shape of the home is reminiscent of famous round houses by Frank Lloyd Wright featuring a floor plan designed to ‘hug’ the sun.

Its form is carved into the hill, creating a green roof above, and sheltering the home from weather extremes.

Inside lies five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and eclectic interiors characterised by earthy, tactile materials.

The property also contains a separate workshop with its own bathroom, living space and bedroom; stables; and a recently-added swimming pool.

The new owner of this property will join an esteemed list of buyers who have been passionate about this home and its environment.

‘It is a wondrous magical property,’ says David. ‘A true modernist gem, designed by, overseen and ultimately lived in by one of the greatest unsung heroes of the modernist movement.’

215 Tooborac Baynton Road, Tooborac, VIC is listed for private sale with McQueen.

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