DeeStream (DST) Positively Trailblazing as Cosmos (ATOM) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Feel the Crunch

Remember Blackberry and Nokia? They once ruled the cellular world but are now footnotes of communications history. This is how the world works; what was once popular can fade from memory. So it is with Cosmos (ATOM) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR), once cool blockchain projects now languishing. But for every Blackberry, there’s an iPhone, and new streamer DeeStream (DST) is taking over crypto investment markets.

Cosmos (ATOM) – Massive ICO gains before stagnation set in

When it launched, Cosmos (ATOM) made many people happy as it jumped from 0.005 to $6.50 right away. Less than a thousand dollars in the ICO would have made one a millionaire overnight. But Cosmos (ATOM) was not done – two years later, Cosmos (ATOM) reached $44.47, and that same thousand dollars was worth almost $7 million. This is what ICOs can do.  

Cosmos (ATOM) was created to bring different blockchains together, the UN of blockchains. Cosmos (ATOM) is not a bad solution, but it has stagnated and been overtaken by better solutions. Cosmos (ATOM) is now trading in a narrow band without much hope for growth.  

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) – Profits now far away.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) was launched in 2020 at the height of the crypto frenzy, but even then, it did not impress until the bull run of 2022 spiked NEAR Protocol (NEAR) to its ATH of just above $20.00. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) has since lost 90% of its value and is battling to maintain a price above $2.00.  

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) was envisioned as a fast and user-friendly blockchain, famously claiming that a dApp can be developed in less than 5 minutes. But what NEAR Protocol (NEAR) brought to the party in ease of use, it paid for with its convoluted delegated proof of stake mechanism, which is anything but user-friendly.

DeeStream (DST) – Investors’ and creators’ dream project.

To many, ‘blockchain’ is an abstract idea with no obvious purpose. But now, with DeeStream (DST), the blockchain will be at the forefront of everyone’s mind as DeeStream (DST) is the world’s first blockchain-based streaming platform.  

This is fantastic news for all content creators. Now, content can be shared without limitations to fans across the globe. Content creators no longer have to cater to the whims of advertisers or the T&Cs of mass platforms.  

This is making the big guys like Twitch and YouTube call emergency meetings because DeeStream (DST) is an existential threat. Investors are already taking advantage of the DeeStream (DST) presale, as ICOs can deliver the big bucks.


Even Blackberry can stage a comeback, and even stagnant coins like NEAR Protocol (NEAR) and Cosmos (ATOM) can make a resurgence. But is the payoff worth the wait, especially when more exciting tokens like DeeStream (DST) are there to drive crypto profits into the stratosphere? Presale tokens are now available at $0.035.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale at their official website.

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