Eric Swalwell Takes Rake After Rake to His Face Over 'Project 2025' in Battle of Wits With Ben Shapiro

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I’m a big fan of Eric Swalwell. Not because he’s a smart guy. He’s not. Not because he’s good at his job. Again, he’s not that either. I’m a fan because he’s the opposite of those things. He consistently embarrasses himself with self-owns and doesn’t seem to care.  

Years ago, Swalwell was a regular on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson” show. Carlson would invite him on and, inexplicably, he would oblige. Swalwell took so many rakes to the face that he must have developed calluses. Eventually, he stopped making appearances.  

Swalwell moved on from appearing on Tucker. He made appearances on CNN, and MSNBC and burnished his rep as a go-to guest infamously “farting” for Chris Matthews (Fartgate). Swalwell denied passing gas. Forensic audiologists worked on the tape for days and assured the world that the alleged fart was really just a cup o’ joe sliding across the table.  

Sure, Eric.   

Then he got caught with his pants down in an embarrassing reveal. This time, it was his hookup with commie spy, FangFang. Eric, it seemed, had been shacking up with her, but he wasn’t compromised. No sir, he was in the clear. The FBI said so.  

On Wednesday in a committee hearing concerning “media collusion,” Eric pulled out the rakes and got into position. “The Spy Who Shagged Me” was about to take some more gardening tools to the melon. Swalwell tried to go toe to toe, tit for tat, with Ben Shapiro. It didn’t go well for Eric the Dead.  

Swalwell tried to paint Shapiro into a corner and managed to paint himself into the corner. With rake firming in hand, Swalwell focused on Project 2025. He has claimed that Trump supports it:

 In fact, Trump has said in a statement that he didn’t know anything about it until someone brought it up.  

“I know nothing about Project 2025…I have no idea who is behind it. I disagree with some of the things they’re saying and some of the things they’re saying are absolutely ridiculous and abysmal. Anything they do, I wish them luck, but I have nothing to do with them.” 

Undeterred by facts, Swalwell thought he’d get Shapiro on details. It did not go well for the commie spy-shagger.  

With  Project 2025 in mind, Swalwell went into specifics with Shapiro. Shapiro was prepared with wit and fact. Swalwell wasn’t.


Swalwell, citing Project 2025 as the most Googled term of late, said:  

“I think it is important that you’re here as one of the leading conservative voices in the country.” 

He then asked Shapiro:   

“How about banning the abortion pill? That’s part of Project 2025. Do you support that part?”  


“I’m a fully pro-life person, which means that I’m not in favor of the distribution of the abortion pill.” 

Swalwell then threw what he thought would be his haymaker:  

“And just because we found some receipts, you did say, I think homosexual activity is a sin,”  


“Yes, I’m a religious Jew, You found me out.” 

Undeterred, Swalwell threw on more left: 

“And you said, ‘I may have a desire to sleep with many women, but I do not.'” 


“I agree with me.”  

Swalwell wanted Shapiro to admit to being a Project 2025 supporter. Shapiro ruined Swalwell’s narrative. He responded:  

Like President Trump, I haven’t looked all that deeply at Project 2025, but it seems that Democrats on this committee are sort of like Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. If they say Project 2025 enough, their presidential candidate becomes alive again.

With a figurative rake planted in his face, Swalwell listed some things in Project 2025 that he agrees with. 

Shapiro said, “Congrats on becoming a Republican.”

“My parents would be proud,” replied Swalwell.

Rake, meet face.

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