Even Jen 'Circle Back' Psaki Has to Get Real: Things Are Dire for Biden Campaign

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You remember Jen Psaki. She was the White House Press Secretary before Karine Jean-Pierre, and even though she spent her time gaslighting the American public and lying about the administration, she was far more polished and smooth than her successor, the way over her head KJP.

But even Psaki, who, as so many former Democrats do, transitioned into what I can only assume is a lucrative MSNBC deal, had to admit that times are tough in Bidenworld.

She addressed the president’s Friday interview with biased ABC host George Stephanopoulos, which was Joe’s attempt to recover after his disastrous debate performance:

“I would say it went just okay for the president,” Psaki said. “In many ways, people watching saw what they wanted to see, because for some, he looks better than he did at the debate. He did. He was more clear. He seemed much better prepared to make his case against Trump. There were also some moments — not just one — that did not go well.”

“He looks better than he did at the debate.” Oh, what a high bar. You mean, he didn’t look haunted, out-of-it, and completely incapable of the job of commander-in-chief? Very impressive, Jen.

Speaking of that ABC interview, Biden didn’t fall asleep, but it wasn’t exactly a master class in leadership:

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Even Biden apologist Psaki had to admit that the interview was only a base hit, not the home run the president needs at this juncture:

“When the interview ended, it left us all in this sort of purgatory for the moment. It was better than the debate, not a home run at all. Even if it was a home run, one interview definitely doesn’t have the capacity to change the perception out there of 72% of voters, according to a CBS poll, who do not believe that Biden has the mental or cognitive health to serve. Even the White House and the campaign know that,” Psaki said.

If you‘ve been unfortunate enough to follow the exploits of the smooth but mendacious former press secretary, you know that she is quite adept at massaging the news of the day to her (Biden’s) benefit. But even she sees that the rose is not blooming:

The questions I know I’m getting from text messages from friends, from family are twofold: What’s going to happen and what is the best path forward?” Psaki said. “And I’m not going to sit here this afternoon and tell you I know the answer to either question.”

Regarding Democrats keen on replacing Biden, she warned that any alternate path would need to start soon since the Democratic National Convention and the election are fast approaching.

“I’m not going to sit here this afternoon and tell you I know the answer to either question.” Oh boy. 

When even “circle back” Psaki doesn’t have an answer, you know that the Democrats—and Joe Biden—are in deep trouble.

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