Even Kaia Gerber Couldn't Believe What Happens in Palm Royale's Season Finale: ‘I Was in Disbelief’

As this is going on, Robert talks to Norma’s ex and realizes that Norma isn’t really Norma. She’s actually Norma’s boarding school roommate, Agnes, who took over Norma’s life after the real Norma mysteriously died. Robert is stunned—and betrayed—but welcome to the world of Palm Beach, where stuff like this happens faster than you can down a grasshopper.

Just as that reveal is unfolding, Mitzi tells Maxine she’s pregnant. She’s always wanted to be a mother, she says, but it’s complicated. Poor Maxine has no idea that Mitzi is pregnant with Maxine’s husband’s baby (she thinks Perry Donahue is the father). Maxine orders Mitzi to tell her baby’s father, “He needs to marry you! Women need to have the balls to say what they want or they’re never going to get it. Never!” Norma urges Mitzi to tell Douglas, knowing full well this is going to destroy Maxine.

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Of course, as soon as Maxine takes the stage at the Beach Ball, she sees a stunned Douglas in the audience reacting to news from Mitzi. Norma smirks from the sidelines as Maxine digests the shocking news while trying to launch into a rendition of “Is That All There Is?” It’s heartbreaking in every which way, and if this doesn’t catapult Wiig into an Emmy nomination for Lead Actress in a Comedy, then honestly, what are we all doing here?

“I found out my husband was fucking my manicurist,” Maxine tells the crowd. Mitzi mouths, “I’m sorry,” but it doesn’t matter. “See, a woman really can have it all,” Maxine says through tears. As her life falls apart, Norma relishes in the drama of it all until Robert kneels beside her and whispers, “I can’t believe I considered spending my life with you…Agnes.” Oh damn.

But as soon as Agnes/Norma asks Robert where on earth he got such information, he runs off to stop Maxine from having a complete meltdown on stage as President Nixon departs. While that chaos is happening, Mary pulls a gun out from her beehive hairdo and fires it from the balcony before Linda (Laura Dern) can stop her. Robert is shot and collapses on the stairs. Norma’s in shock—but relieved, as maybe now her secret won’t get out. Mary disappears, leaving Linda to be framed for what may or may not be Robert’s murder. The camera fades to black as a screaming and crying Maxine tries to save Robert.

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