Fake Rabbi Strikes Again, Unleashes Epic Troll on Rep. Cori Bush

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The news of the day is too often serious, and these days, it’s far too often upsetting. So when a news item emerges that makes one burst out laughing, it’s a pleasant change of pace. When that news item involves one of the notorious socialist “Squad” being taken in by a prankster, it adds a big helping of schadenfreude to the mix.

In the latest, Squad member Cori Bush (D-MO) was taken in by a fake rabbi running a parody anti-Israel X account.

A parody social media account named the “Chief Rabbi of Gaza” claimed another victim from the progressive “Squad,” duping Rep. Cori Bush’s, D-Mo., team into boasting about a potential event with the fake rabbi.

Bush’s re-election campaign was considering a possible fundraiser with “Fabbi (sic) Linda Goldstein,” a parody X account that posts anti-Israel rhetoric in an attempt to catfish progressives, according to a report from the New York Post.

The parody account reached out to Bush’s team on June 23 with the idea of partnering on a fundraiser, with the account telling the lawmaker’s office that their “congregation was displaced from Gaza after Israel’s invasion on October 7.”

Cori Bush isn’t the first Squad lackwit to be taken in by the fake rabbi.

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A quick look at the “Rabbi Linda Goldstein” X account makes it abundantly obvious that the entire thing is a parody; there is certainly no “Chief Rabbi of Gaza,” and if Cori Bush’s campaign had two active brain cells to rub together, they would have realized this at the outset. They didn’t, which speaks volumes.

But wait! There’s more!

“Also – would [Bush] travel to the Gaza border for the fundraiser? The optics could be incredible,” the account told Ronika Moody, Bush’s finance and engagement director, according to emails reviewed by the Post.

“Cori is interested in hosting in Gaza, and it’s something she has been trying to plan. Unfortunately, we have not been successful with that opportunity as of yet,” Moody responded four days later, asking whether the “theme” of the fundraiser would be Gaza.

Goldstein responded with a suggestion that the fundraiser’s theme could be “the morality” of intifada, according to the report.

“The topics are built around finding a final solution to the problem of Zionism,” Goldstein said in the email, garnering no response from Bush’s team.

A “final solution.” And they still missed that this was an obvious troll.

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Look, one of my longest-standing pet peeves is when someone (and to be fair, people on both sides do it) assumes that if another person disagrees with them on a given issue or range of issues, they must be stupid or, at least, ignorant. But in the case of Cori Bush and, apparently, her staff, it’s hard to see this as anything but an eloquent example of nitwittery on the loose. Rep. Bush’s antisemitism is notorious, and evidently, not only she but also her campaign staff are blinded by that antisemitism to the point where they are doing zero due diligence on offers for hosting fundraisers — in Gaza. For crying out loud, do these people not understand how a liberal American politician, and a “woman of color” to boot, is likely to be received in a land ruled by Hamas? Do they not realize something that a ten-second internet search could reveal, that not only is there no “Chief Rabbi of Gaza” but that the only Jews in Gaza are the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces who are un-aliving Hamas fighters as fast as they can hunt them down?

St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Wesley Bell is challenging Rep. Bush in the Missouri primary election and is currently polling ahead of the Squad member. This is a solidly Democratic district, so the nomination is tantamount to winning the election. It’s not often we find ourselves rooting for a Democrat, but it’s impossible not to favor challenger Wesley Bell in this case. With any luck, he’ll unseat Cori Bush and send her back to her Missouri home to try to find some other work.

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