Fastest Growing Crypto ICO Pepe Unchained Hits $3 Million – The Frog Meme Coin Gets Its Own Blockchain

One of the fastest growing crypto – Pepe Unchained (PEPU) – has reached another major milestone.

The PEPU presale has now raised over $3 million in its ICO in the first few weeks itself. 

Experts believe that Pepe Unchained can show a significant correlation to Pepe, with some even calling it the best alternative to Pepe. 

Another chain broken!Pepe officially hits $3M! Thank you for the incredible support. The journey is just beginning. 🐸🚀

— Pepe Unchained (@pepe_unchained) July 10, 2024

Pepe Unchained – One of The Fastest Growing ICO Cryptos

Pepe Unchained is a new alternative to the popular PEPE coin, with its own Layer-2 blockchain

This new blockchain is compatible with Ethereum, allowing for the instant bridging between PEPU and ETH. It is also expected to offer significantly lower trading costs, faster transactions and high staking rewards. 

A native L2 blockchain has surely caught the attention of investors, owing to the rarity of the move. However, depending on PEPU’s success, this could very well be the new meta. 

Indeed, the Ethereum blockchain has extremely high traffic, which substantially reduces network throughput, driving up the costs and transaction finality time. Even popular L2 chains such as Arbitrum and Optimisms are seeing high congestion. 

This makes it extremely difficult for retail investors to trade new meme coins, owing to the high trading costs. Indeed, PEPE copycat tokens such as Pepe 2.0, PepeFork and PepeCoin rarely see any sustainable rally, owing to the lack of retail involvement. Instead, they have mostly been reduced to pump-and-dump schemes for the whales. 

On the contrary, Solana and Base meme coins see significant retail investments. Now, its Layer-2 blockchain will allow Pepe Unchained to enjoy the same advantage. 

As previously mentioned, the PEPE staking protocol offers high staking rewards to token holders, which is another attractive proposition for retailers. Indeed, stakers are currently enjoying a reward rate north of 600%. Investors can stake the latest yield percentage here. 

Pepe-Themed Tokens Set To Dominate The Bull Market

The stage is set for a major altcoin bull rally, provided that Bitcoin continues to show strength as well. 

Indeed, the spot Ethereum ETFs are set to start trading by mid-July. Experts expect Ethereum to lead the second leg of the bull market, driven by ETF-based institutional investments. 

Unsurprisingly, analysts are also extremely bullish on Ethereum-based meme coins such as Pepe and FLOKI. For instance, Pepe has acted as a beta bet on ETH over the past few months and is expected to continue to do so in the future as well. 

It would not be a surprise if PEPE starts pushing towards new all-time highs from August itself. Some analysts are even expecting it to flip Shiba Inu – and potentially even Dogecoin – this year. 

Pepe’s bullish strength is expected to provide a major boost to other Pepe The Frog-themed meme coins. 

PeiPei – also known as the Chinese Pepe – is up over 40% today and has surged 6x in less than a month. 

Experts are backing PEPU to deliver similar returns after its launch. For instance, the popular crypto YouTube channel 99Bitcoins – which has over 700k subscribers – recently covered its stellar presale performance and hinted at the possibility of 100x returns. 

Analyst Austin Hilton – who has over 270k YouTube subscribers of his own – has also hinted at potential 100x returns from this fast growing cryptocurrency. 

Interested buyers can visit the Pepe Unchained website and use the over-the-counter widget to buy the meme coin. They can swap ETH, BNB or USDT or use a bank card. 

Investors are also advised to follow PEPU’s X and Telegram accounts to keep up with the latest updates. 

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