FATTY or How to Raise $1.5 Million in Less Than 12 Hours

Raising $1.5 million in the crypto industry is not easy. Considering the many scams that have affected crypto enthusiasts and their funds, investors are now highly skeptical when asked to put part of their earnings in the trust of a newly launched crypto project they know little to nothing about. 

Nobody wants to have their funds stolen, especially not during times when their future is promising, so they need to be highly protected. Actually, nobody wants to have their funds stolen in general.

But what if users’ uncertainty led to missed opportunities in the crypto market? What if their care for their funds and safety led to them actually losing tokens with high potential? 

Nobody wants this to happen. After all, the crypto market is all about catching the right opportunity and taking the right chance. 

And while, just like in any other field or situation, crypto has its good and its bad, why not focus on the good and invest in projects that want to do good?

One of them is FATTY, a crypto project that proves that, with constant work and dedication, you can grow trust so much that users invest $1.5 million in just 12 hours. With its complex ecosystem, FATTY has a high chance of reaching that point where users can find almost anything when interacting with the project.

Fast trades, memes, a P2E (Play-to-Earn) game, a bot and a bot academy, bright protection against scams and rug pulls, all these are part of FATTY, the crypto project that has the potential to become a top contributor to the evolution of the blockchain and crypto gaming industries. 

So, let’s discover FATTY together.

What Is FATTY?

FATTY is a newly launched crypto project developed by CleevioX and backed by numerous VCs. Its development team consists of dedicated experts with extensive knowledge in industries such as tech, crypto, blockchain technology, and gaming. With constant work and a bright concept, the FATTY team managed to develop a bright ecosystem that offers so much that you can’t even decide where to start. 

FATTY offers many benefits for its users, the most significant one probably being its native token, called the same. The FATTY token empowers the entire ecosystem, and its success is already remarkable.

On July 4, 2024, FATTY launched its first token presale event. The first phase’s goal was $1,800,000. The big surprise? $1.5 million was raised in the first 12 hours! By constantly focusing on its community, FATTY increased trust among its users, and its efforts paid off. 

At the moment, FATTY has a presale price of $0.018, but it will increase in the next phases. Thus, users are advised to go and purchase their presale tokens as soon as possible in order to profit from their surprisingly low price. 

As we mentioned before, FATTY empowers the entire ecosystem. Crypto enthusiasts can use it with multiple purposes, including to create a bot through FATBOT that offers users the opportunity to gain a technological advantage over retail by setting up a bot, sniping memes or altcoins, and using them in the ecosystem. 

FATTY offers many significant advantages, including fast trades, an auto-sniping feature, copy trading, trading analysis, buy/sell limits, and a bot academy that teaches users how to create the most profitable bots. Besides, the crypto project implemented an anti-rug feature and scam protection, thus ensuring that users’ funds and personal information are as safe as possible. 


Another truly intriguing product developed by FATTY is FatBoy, a bright game that will be available on App Store and Google Play. The game focuses on a virtual character called FatBoy and encourages players to care for him to earn FATTY. 

After downloading the game, users can choose their character. Many options are available, including Fatman, Fat Hill, Fat Don, Fatcz, Fatman Terra, Fat Mask, Fatanders, Fat Kim, Fatalik, and more. The team plans on adding even more characters. 

Each character has various traits, including certain levels and rankings. FatBoys can also have various levels of luck and can be Common, Rare, Epic, or Ultra.

When playing FatBoy, users are required to fulfill the character’s basic needs, such as hunger, hygiene, energy, and fun. To do this, they can play with their FatBoy, clean him, feed him, put him to sleep, or make him exercise.

To progress even more rapidly in the FatBoy game, players can go to the in-game marketplace and use their FATTY tokens to purchase new tools. There, they will find various options, including food, sports accessories (treadmill, dumbbells), and entertainment objects. 

The game is currently under development, with a public beta launch being set to take place in Q3 2024. 

Stay in the Loop

To learn more about FATTY, FATBOT, and FatBoy, check out the project’s official website and read its carefully developed whitepaper. Furthermore, follow FATTY’s activity on Discord, X (Twitter), Telegram, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Medium.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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