Giorgia Meloni Becomes All of Us While Waiting for a Perpetually Late Joe Biden

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Prepare to be shocked by what I’m about to share with you. According to reports, Joe Biden was once again late for a major function. 

The president’s perpetual tardiness has long been suspected to be an outgrowth of his senility, with the American press being fairly used to it. World leaders, on the other hand, aren’t so forgiving, and Italian PM Giorgia Meloni expressed her displeasure as Biden’s show-up time came and went on Thursday. 

Meeting in New York City for a NATO summit, Meloni was captured on film rolling her eyes, making faces, and checking her watch as she and others passed the time waiting on the president. At that moment, the Italian leader became all of us. 

In the video, you can see Meloni speaking to others and rolling her eyes before sarcastically gesturing to her arm as if she were checking a watch. Another person then pulls out their phone to check the time, only for Meloni to roll her eyes again. Biden ended up showing up 40 minutes late, leaving America’s allies standing around tapping their feet and waiting. 

This is just embarrassing, and it’s become a hallmark of the Biden presidency. America’s allies do not respect him. Instead, they see Biden as an open checkbook, easily manipulated and taken advantage of. Can you blame them when they have to babysit the President of the United States at major events? 

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During the G7 in June, which was held in Italy, Meloni reportedly chided Biden for being the last leader to show up. 

He was the last of the leaders to arrive at last month’s G7 meeting in Italy’s Puglia region, awkwardly saluting her when she received him onstage before the event began.

“You shouldn’t leave a woman waiting like this,” Meloni reportedly chided Biden in an apparent attempt at humor.

It’s worth noting that Biden, being the worst foreign policy mind in American history, soured the relationship with Meloni from the beginning, claiming that her elevation to prime minister represented a “threat” to democracy.

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The United States is run by a buffoon who isolates allies to push his far-left ideology and then beclowns himself in front of them with his senility. You can bet Biden will be late for his “big boy press conference” on Thursday evening as well, which stands to make or break his presidency. 

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