Glamour and Paid Leave for All Deliver Historic Petition to Capitol Hill

Senator Gillibrand, who has been fighting to pass paid leave for many years, spoke about the importance of collective action and the petition: “Nothing ever gets done in Washington. Unless regular people stand up and demand it.”

And Rep. Pressley brought the room to silence as she shared her own experiences of taking care of her mother during a leukemia battle—and why she wants to ensure that all working people have access to paid leave.

Sen. Wyden echoed the urgency, stating, “Paid leave should not be considered a luxury in America. It ought to be seen as essential for working families and for boosting our economic productivity. As long as I’m chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, this will be our lodestar, our primary focus.”

In the wake of this monumental petition delivery, one truth was undeniable: the fight for paid leave is far from over. “This isn’t a blue or red, urban or rural issue,” said Whip Clark. “This is about every family in every state, in every zip code across our country.”

The rally at Capitol Hill followed by an evening celebration at Union Market in Washington, DC hosted by Glamour and Paid Leave for All, and supported by formula brand Bobbie. Thousands of their Bobbie moms signed the Glamour and Paid Leave for All petition to pass paid leave, and Bobbie have also made advocating for paid family and medical leave a key mission of their own.

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