Hailey Bieber "Mirror Glaze" Nails Are Trending for Fall 2023

Hailey Bieber is back with another viral manicure. The Rhode founder’s influence on nail trends cannot be denied. When Bieber deems something worthy of a manicure, the beauty world takes notice. Do the words “glazed donut nails” mean anything to you? Bieber may have moved away from her signature aesthetic for most of summer 2023, experimenting with all kinds of manicure styles, but her latest mani proves that the glazed look isn’t going anywhere—it’s only getting shinier.

Nail artist Zola Ganzorigt, who created the frosty, sparkly glazed look for Bieber in 2022, turned up the volume times 1,000 for the model’s new set, just in time for a trip to New York. Ganzorigt calls her latest creation “mirror glaze,” the perfect name for such a glistening, glittering, nearly blinding shine.

The mirror glaze nails are like the fun younger sister of glazed donut nails. They’re subtle from afar, but when you look closely, they’re loaded with chrome for a metallic finish you can almost see yourself in. Bieber wore the mani with a sleek, side-parted bun, equally dewy and shiny skin, rusty red lip gloss, and a very ’80s Saint Laurent houndstooth skirt suit, an effortless way to transition from summer beauty to the deeper tones and textures of fall.

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But back to the nails. Given the frenzy Bieber’s manicures often create, Ganzorigt graciously dropped a mini-tutorial video you can take to the salon for your next appointment. Ganzorigt used OPI’s GelColor in Put It In Neutral, a pinky-beige, for the base, then reached for her trusty OPI Chrome Powder in Tin Man Can, which was also the key to the frosted look of Bieber’s glazed donut nails. But that’s not all! To get the mirror-like texture and reflectiveness, Ganzorigt also mixed in a pinch of Tammy Taylor Nails Lazer Silver Mirror Chrome. The end result? Super shine, super sheer, super gorgeous—and super guaranteed to go viral. Consider my next nail appointment booked.

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