Hilarious: Climate Activist Humiliated by Sen. Kennedy Reveals What Dems Said to Him Afterward

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We’ve seen Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) take apart Democratic witnesses appearing before the Senate in the past.

But the humiliation he served up to Olympic skier Gus Schumacher last week was something else. I’m not sure why the Democrats put him forward as an “expert.”  But he had trouble answering even basic questions about what he was supposed to be talking about, which was climate change. This was true gold from Kennedy. 

Kennedy was unfailingly polite and just asked him some simple questions about carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. He also just reminded him of some of the things he’d posted in the past on social media on such topics as “defund the police'” that Schumacher said he wasn’t able to remember. 

It was a great example of the vacuousness of many of the Democratic witnesses. It appeared that they threw him up there just because he was a skier and looked nice, and they had no idea if he knew anything or if he could answer questions. It said so much about the Democrats. 

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Schumacher now says that the Democrat who invited him there, Rep. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), apologized for Kennedy.

In one excruciating exchange Kennedy corrected his asserting that Carbon Dioxide is a ‘huge part of our atmosphere’, pointing out that it accounts for 0.04 percent, but the skier told Dailymail.com that Whitehouse was ‘pretty cheerful’ afterwards.

‘He apologized for Senator Kennedy and mentioned that it’s not the first time he’s done that aggressive line of questioning that’s not entirely related,’ Schumacher added.

‘I don’t think anyone from my team was expecting that approach, he did a good job of making these questions really silly.’

“Aggressive line of questioning.” How dare Kennedy ask him about what he’s supposed to be talking about? 

The kid should have just taken the “L.” Struggling to defend the stupid just makes him look sillier. 

But he just kept digging that hole. 

‘I was definitely a little bit flustered,’ Schumacher told Dailymail.com afterwards.

‘That spoke to my inability to answer questions on CO2, but I wasn’t too red in the face.’ [….]

‘At first I was nervous,’ Schumacher explained afterwards, ‘I was just trying to diffuse it and then I was just, look, this is silly it’s a distraction.

‘On reflection I retweeted these things during the time around George Floyd’s killing and the unrest and that high emotion around that time, it was especially a show of support for the black community.

‘I don’t know, maybe the police shouldn’t be abolished.’


Gee, ya think? 

But then he praised himself for how he handled it, saying pushing for “systemic change” was “the right thing to do.”  

‘A lot of the people I know and care about have been encouraging about how I handled it, not being super flustered and keeping cool was something they appreciated,’ he added.

Well, what are they going to tell him? “Sorry, my dude, but you just got embarrassed yourself because you know nothing and Democrats have no sense? Yeah, but your hair looked nice in the process.”

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