Howard Stern's Criticism of Lauren Boebert May Be the Biggest Self-Awareness Failure in History

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Howard Stern has decided to weigh on the Lauren Boebert controversy surrounding her getting groped (and doing some groping) in public, and it may be the biggest self-awareness failure in history. On his radio show, the long-time shock jock claimed that Beobert’s behavior at an off-Broadway performance of Beetlejuice in Colorado was a “disgrace to this country.”

As RedState reported, the controversy stems from the Republican congresswoman getting kicked out of the play while also being belligerent with the staff. The venue claimed she was causing a disruption and vaping, leading to her removal. Boebert initially denied those charges, which led to the release of security camera footage showing otherwise, but it was the frisky nature of the video that suddenly got everyone’s attention. 

When asked about the situation, Stern mounted his high horse and let loose with this bit of peak irony.

Howard Stern slammed embattled Rep. Lauren Boebert as a “disgrace to this country” in a graphic takedown of the firebrand congresswoman over her steamy “Beetlejuice” date night.

A caller to SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” asked the shock jock Monday to share his thoughts on the infamous incident that got Boebert (R-Colo.) booted from a Denver theater.

“Lauren Boebert is a disgrace to this country! Forget the politics. She’s in a titty dress. She’s with some dude,” Stern said. “Looks like she’s obviously vaping, but also looks like she might be grabbing his penis during ‘Beetlejuice.’”

I mean, come on. There are certainly people who have the credibility to question Boebert’s behavior, but Stern isn’t one of them. We are talking about a moral degenerate who has spent his career doing egregious things, including making lewd sexual references about women. But he’s outraged at some PDA in a dark theater? 

I’m not suggesting that Boebert was smart to do what she did, and certainly, given she’s not even divorced yet, it’s a moral violation. She’s also in a district where she can’t afford these kinds of stupid scandals (something I wrote about recently), but that’s a different argument than taking advice on decency from Howard freaking Stern. 

It’s laughable. Democrats have zero moral high ground by which to lecture on anything related to sexuality. If some Christian leader wants to weigh in and promote higher standards, that makes sense. Stern trying to be the voice of moral sanity doesn’t, and let’s be clear, he’s just as ridiculous as he’s always been. We aren’t talking about a guy who has turned over a new leaf at some point in his life.

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