'I Told You So': Piers Morgan Blasts Media Conspiracy to Hide Biden's Mental Decline, Cites Own Warnings

Just like every other day over the last couple of weeks, Tuesday brought another slew of damning stories about the Democrats’ “Biden Dilemma” and what, if anything, they can do about it. 

As RedState reported, a new “explosive report” blows the lid off Joe Biden’s handlers, and what German officials saw during a 2022 visit.” In addition, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre “can’t handle questions from a suddenly engaged WH press corps,” while Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart admonished Democrats that “‘Get on board or shut the f*** up’ doesn’t allay voter concerns about Biden’s brain.” 

And now, British journalist and TV personality Piers Morgan has weighed in on the Biden problem, and love him or hate him, to often-irascible Morgan was not only spot-on; he brought the receipts to prove it. 

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Writing in an opinion piece published by The New York Post, Morgan, never afraid to blow his own horn, said. “I told you so,” as he chastised the media’s “conspiracy of collusion over Biden’s heath as a “national disgrace.” 

“Of all the horrid, hideous notes of woe,” wrote my favorite English poet, Lord Byron, “Sadder than owl-songs or the midnight blast; Is that portentous phrase, ‘I told you so.’” Or, to put those words in modern-day American vernacular: Nobody likes a smart-ass Monday morning quarterback. But sometimes, the words “I told you so” need to be said to expose those who saw all the same horrid, hideous signs of woe — and failed to speak up.

Morgan accused the so-called “mainstream media” of now “gorging on President Biden’s cognitive decline like ravenous hyenas on the freshly slain carcass of a decrepit old buffalo.”

In fact, since his train-wreck debate debacle, the nation’s predominantly liberal-skewed, Democrat-defending journalists have competed with each other as to who can sound the most faux shocked, horrified, appalled, and furrowed-brow-uncomprehending about the physical and mental state of their president.

To which I say, REALLY? THAT Biden was a surprise to you? 

Morgan went full-metal Morgan:

You all had NO idea the president of the United States is an incoherent, bumbling virtual zombie who shuffles at a snail’s pace and can barely remember what day it is? With all due respect to my esteemed media colleagues, I call bulls**t.

Morgan is correct. We now have disingenuous (lying) lapdog media talking heads whining about being duped by the White House into believing Biden was sharp as a tack. Nonsense; the likes of CNN and MSNBC, along with ABC’s clown show, “The View,” have eagerly participated in the coverup for more than three years. 

Then, Morgan’s Indictment of His Media Colleagues

Morgan took it strong to the hoop.

They’ve all known the truth about Biden’s fast-deteriorating physical condition and clear early dementia for several years, because he’s been literally showing them the evidence on an almost daily basis.

When he’s not been face-planting on stage, tripping on the steps of Air Force One, or falling off his bike, he’s been forgetting names, talking incomprehensible gibberish, spewing blatant, easily provable falsehoods, and unleashing an endless cataract of verbal gaffes, some trivial like repeatedly calling his vice president “President Harris,” others way more serious and potentially dangerous like vowing a US military response if China invades Taiwan.

And unlike those who chose to look the other way or deny what they saw and heard, I have documented them in my weekly New York Post columns.

Morgan presented several examples of his documentation.

For example, in March 2022, after Biden made a series of crazy statements surrounding Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine that had to be instantly and disingenuously walked back by frantic White House aides — including one in which he said Russian President Vladimir Putin mustn’t be allowed to remain in power, which his people comically insisted didn’t mean he thought Putin shouldn’t stay in power, or regime change in Russia — I wrote: 

“Joe Biden is showing increasingly worrying signs of age-related cognitive decline. That’s a big problem for America, and the world, at such a critical time. As is the pathetic way that Democrats and much of the mainstream media keep trying to excuse his dreadful gaffes and talk up his supposedly commanding leadership. They’re so desperate to portray him as the calm, smart, wise, fact-driven antidote to his predecessor Donald Trump that they can’t see the shambolic train wreck right in front of their eyes. Or they see it but choose to ignore it.”


In September 2022, he asked during another speech, “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie?” as he searched the room for Jackie Walorski, an Indiana congresswoman who had been killed in a car accident the month before, and about whom he had issued a heartfelt statement of condolence to her family, saying how shocked and saddened that he was by her death.


In June 2023, two months after he announced he was running again for president, he ended a speech about gun control with the words: “God save the Queen, man.” But Queen Elizabeth II had passed nine months earlier, and he’d attended her funeral. I wrote then: 

“President Biden is showing more and more signs of deteriorating cognitive and physical decline that isn’t just to do with his age. I know 90-year-olds who are twice as lucid and mobile as he is. No, the cold, hard, brutal reality is that Biden’s losing it, and he’s losing it while also trying to be president of the United States and de facto leader of the free world — one of the most relentlessly difficult, energy-sapping, and pressurized jobs imaginable.”

You get the picture. 

The Bottom Line

I’m less concerned with singing the praises of Piers Morgan than with pointing out the obvious; anyone in the media who has been objective could have seen what Morgan saw and reported on at the time. 

The ugly truth is of course the Democrat mouthpieces at CNN and MSNBC saw what Morgan saw; they simply did their damnedest to hide it and cover it up.

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