Jake Tapper: Democratic Governors Need Reassurances From Biden That He Is Able to Function

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In a recent posting to X on Tuesday, CNN’s Jake Tapper exposes a potentially damaging conference call between several Democratic Governors on Monday afternoon, expressing their concern over President Biden’s health status and their need to speak with him to reassure them that he is fit to go on with his campaign. 

The call, organized by Democrat Governor Tim Waltz of Minnesota, is just another highlighted example of the fracture between the Democrat Party and President Biden’s “inner circle.” Concerns from those who believe there is a serious problem with Biden and his health, and his ability to successfully campaign against former President Donald Trump and win the November election. During the call, the sentiment amongst the governors was that they needed personal reassurances from Biden himself, not Vice President Harris or anyone else from his “inner circle.”

As the days since Biden’s debate debacle last Thursday go on, more and more calls from the media are questioning the president’s ability to carry on. Up until now, the majority of the Democratic elites were largely silent about Biden’s failures, or publicly still fully supporting him. Tapper’s reporting now shows a break in the party as these governors are showing their concern. Between Biden’s inner circle and the growing media and Democrat party officials quietly or publicly questioning the inner circle’s narrative of Biden being perfectly fine, what is evident is the swamp’s attempt to bolster Biden and shield him from anything it deems harmful to him and his ability to govern. 

When Carl Bernstein went on Anderson Cooper’s show to report the chaos behind the scenes, it proved the point that Trump made when he first ran for president in 2016, that there was a swamp in D.C. and that it was in control of the government. 

…The legendary newsman informed the Vanderbilt scion that he had some gripping inside information about the reality of Foggy Joe’s [Biden’s] condition. Referencing both staffers and financial backers, Bernstein details that Joe’s decline has been recognized for some time.

“The Joe Biden we saw the other was not a one-off. There have been 15, 20 occasions in the last year and a half when the president has appeared somewhat as he did in that horror show, uh, that we witnessed. And what is significant is the people that this is coming from, and also how many people around the president are aware of such incidents – including some reporters incidently, who have witnessed some of them.”

There were some in print, digital, and broadcast media that were reporting what looked like a clear decline in President Biden’s mental or cognitive acuity and ability and a marked change in his physical fitness over the past three years. But these reports were either largely ignored or in most cases, dismissed as silly and dangerous conspiracy theories that undermined the presidency and the reputation of the nation. While the recent events with more media and party officials coming out publicly with their concerns and observations are a confirmation and corroboration of what we in the media have been saying for the past three years, it is too little too late. 

What is being highlighted for the entire world to see is the evil D.C. swamp being exposed for what it is, a monster that controls our government. Biden is not the man in charge, he is merely a broken puppet that the swamp is losing control of. Biden’s inner circle is part of that swamp, and they are doing more harm to our national reputation than a president who may or may not have slept with a porn star and may or may not have covered it up. The entire world looks to us to lead and support our friends in times of trouble, and the world is looking at Biden and questioning his ability to make the right decisions to further those goals. But then again, is he REALLY making those calls, or is the swamp taking advantage of an old man with a broken mind and taking our nation down a path of destruction? 

It is clear to me, and I assume millions of Americans who can see and hear rationally, that Biden is unfit to continue on in any capacity. What is being done by his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, and the swamp is nothing short of elder abuse. As a former law enforcement officer who has investigated dozens of cases of suspected elder and child abuse, the evidence that we can all see is that of an elderly man who is mentally and physically compromised being forced out in public to make speeches and make decisions affecting our foreign and domestic policies.  

This is not about politics anymore. President Biden is not well, and he needs to be allowed to step aside for the sake of his health. Picture after picture, video after video, shows a detached Biden being physically helped just to walk, staring blankly after losing his train of thought, mouth agape — what more do you need to say enough, let the man retire and rest? 

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