James Carville Has Brief Moment of Clarity, Tells Dems Not to 'Tell People How Great This Economy Is'

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While this report doesn’t quite qualify for “Flying Pigs Alert” status, it comes darn close.

During an appearance on CNN on Wednesday, Democrat strategist James Carville told Anderson Cooper that Democrats should stop telling voters how great the economy is. 

While Carville said Democrats should instead let people experience the economy for themselves, it was clear that the cagey veteran political strategist knew damn well that voters aren’t buying what Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are trying to sell them about how well off they are.

People live in an economy and they feel it. And we know from the Clinton years and we know from the Obama years that it takes a lot — you have to go pretty deep into a recovery where people are feeling it.

Let’s dissect Carville’s doublespeak. 

While Carville said people live in an economy and they feel it, he didn’t say what it is that a majority of voters are feeling. And following up with “you have to go pretty deep into a recovery where people are feeling it” further suggests that people aren’t feeling what Biden and the Democrats want them to feel.

Instead of continuing to tell (lie to) Americans about how great the economy is, Carville said the Democrats should “talk about things they’ve done to help families cope with cost-of-living increases, like the prescription drugs or releasing the strategic petroleum reserve or other things that they’ve done to clear up the supply chain.”

In other words, Carville suggested, Biden and the Democrats should be honest — and try to help people cope with the more than 17 percent cost of living increase under the worst president in at least modern U.S. history.

Carville admitted it’s a tall order to convince people they’re doing better than they know they are — so he began to spin like a top, praising Biden’s so-called “infrastructure bill,” which he called a “magnificent achievement.” 

But it’s hard — if you tell people they live in a good economy, and they don’t think they do, they think you don’t understand their lives. I don’t agree that they should go out and tell people how great this economy is. 

You’ve got to let people feel the economy and they can talk about measures that they’ve taken to help people deal, which obviously has been a cost of living increase for families across this country.

Just one problem, James. 

According to a new Gallup poll, the results of which were released on Friday, less than half of Americans say they are “very satisfied” with the way things are going in their personal lives. The 47 percent of adults expressing high satisfaction with their lives has edged down three percentage points over the past year and is only one point higher than the 2011 record low.

Obviously, James, people are feeling Biden’s economy — and they don’t like what they feel.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump continues to crush Biden in the polls, as my colleague Nick Arama reported on January 31. 

The Bottom Line

Regardless of whether Democrats and their operatives employ the “Don’t believe you lying eyes” strategy, the “emperor’s new clothes” shtick, or smoke and mirrors, the economy under three years of Joe Biden has been a hardship for tens of millions of hardworking Americans.

While Carville was mostly right, he waited far too long to offer his honest opinion. Still, without positive, tangible results that people can see, Democrat rhetoric remains a cruel joke.


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