Jessica Biel Stands by Justin Timberlake on His Birthday: ‘I Always Got You’

The birthday tribute Jessica Biel posted for her husband, Justin Timberlake, is perfect, actually. Instead of uploading a single throwback photo or short carousel, as is traditional, Biel put together a compilation video with clips of her and her husband being silly gooses together, set to a Boom Forest cover of, “I Got You Babe.”

Clips include video of the couple doing silly dances, posing for goofy photos, and laughing in the car. Biel’s video also includes a slideshow of adorable snapshots from their vacations in Paris, from their wedding, and a few random selfies from over their years together. “I ALWAYS got you,” Biel wrote in the caption. “Happy birthday, babe.”

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Timberlake, who just debuted his latest single, “Selfish,” on Saturday Night Live, hasn’t been having the best PR of his life lately. Legions of Britney Spears fans in particular are still a bit salty about how he talked about Spears after their relationship, and because of revelations found in Spears’ recently released memoir, The Woman in Me.

Luckily, Jessica Biel has always been stalwart in her support of her hubby. Said an inside source to People, “She loves his new music. She finds him very talented. They are great together.”

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