KJP Walks Into Trap of Her Own Making When Asked About Hur Report Findings on Joe Biden’s Memory Issues

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As expected, the Biden White House’s response to the findings in the Hur report has been to try and smear the Special Counsel, Robert Hur, on the parts of the report they didn’t like, specifically, the part where he described Biden as an “elderly man with poor memory.”

The reason Hur included the damning assessments of Biden’s memory was to make the case for why in part he had decided not to recommend indicting the sitting president.

But though in an anger-filled press conference Thursday, Biden (wrongly) took the lack of indictment as vindication, at the same time he and other administration officials have taken issue with one of the primary reasons behind that lack of indictment: the sympathetic portrait that an “elderly man with poor memory” might present to a jury.

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One of the main talking points coming from Team Biden is that Hur is a “politically motivated” partisan hack, something Vice President Kamala Harris declared, without evidence, Friday in a pathetic preview of the strategy Biden officials were utilizing to discredit Hur.

And during Monday’s press briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took the same tack, except she walked right into a trap of her own making during the briefing when asked by a reporter if they would make Biden’s doctor available to reporters for questioning.

The question that was put forth was if reporters could ask Biden’s doctor some questions related to what Hur wrote in the report. Jean-Pierre then proceeded to proclaim that Hur was a “Republican” and “not a medical doctor.” She then poured on the fauxtrage about how it was, in the White House’s view, ‘inappropriate” for him to make those deductions about Biden.

This prompted the reporter to remind her about his original question on making Biden’s doctor available to him and his colleagues.


After Jean-Pierre mentioned that Biden would soon be having a physical, she made clear that a cognitive test would not be a part of that, bizarrely stating in so many words that he didn’t need to since he “proves every day how he operates, how he thinks”:

“I’m just gonna say what Dr. O’Connor said to me about a year ago when [Biden’s physical] was released,” Jean-Pierre responded. “The president proves every day [in] how he operates and how he thinks, by dealing with world leaders, by making difficult decisions on behalf of the American people – whether it’s domestic or it’s national security.”


But that is… precisely why Dr. O’Connor needs to make an appearance before the White House press corps and why Biden should be subjected to a mental competency test.

While I’m not a fan of diagnosing from afar (the “mental health experts” the media would bring in to “diagnose” Donald Trump during his time in office made me crazy), it doesn’t take a medical doctor to be able to understand that Biden does have a poor memory. 

In fact, it was an issue that was first brought up by Democrats during the 2019 Democratic presidential primary and which has persisted ever since.

Even now there are Democrats, including presidential candidate and Rep. Dean Phillips, who are openly raising the issue of Biden’s mental acuity.

But the Biden spin machine’s gonna spin, and many in the mainstream media will of course dutifully comply, so voters should prepare for their intelligence to continue to be insulted in the coming weeks and months as Biden’s hardcore apologists do whatever it takes to drag him and Kamala Harris over the finish line one more time.

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