Layer 1 Blockchain Somnia Launches Novel Browser To Expand Web 3 Discovery And Creativity

  • Somnia launches its novel browser, Metaverse Browser.

  • The browser will offer a better user experience across Web 3 platforms and metaverses.

  • The platform also launched a rewards campaign to bootstrap adoption. 

Somnia, a Layer 1 blockchain that connects metaverses, announced the launch of its novel browser, Metaverse Browser, to simplify interactions across Web 3 protocols and the Metaverse. The browser aims to emulate Web 2 browsers by offering users a simplified onboarding process to Web 3 while empowering them to explore and interact across metaverses and create innovative and customizable content. 

The Metaverse Browser aims to provide users with a seamless experience across their Web 3 dealings, allowing builders and developers to create and deploy apps across the Web 3 ecosystem easily. Speaking on the launch of this novel technology, Somnia Founder, Paul Thomas, stated the platform will break down limitations that have been plaguing Web 3 development, enabling the creation of innovative and futuristic decentralized applications (DApps). 

“With the launch of the Somnia Metaverse Browser, we are setting the stage for a more inclusive and accessible metaverse,” Thomas said. “This platform is not only about simplifying technology but also about empowering individuals to explore and create without limits.”

The Somnia Metaverse Browser is now available to download for PC and Mac with a mobile version currently under development. 

Expanding the Metaverse with Metaverse Browser

Pioneering Web3 browsers is a crucial step in providing users a gateway to virtual society and the benefits the Web 3 ecosystem has to offer. Metaverse Browser will provide users with a user-friendly, fast and seamless interface that enables anyone to connect to the metaverse and discover its many opportunities for interacting, recreating, and creating. Similar to Web 2 browsers, the state-of-the-art browser will serve as a starting point for new users to access metaverse content – from games, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other DApps. 

The browser also provides access to the Somnia network, enabling millions of people to transact and move the logic of all metaverse items on-chain via a faster, cost-optimized chain for the metaverse. The browser will also provide a more user-friendly onboarding experience for users on Somnia, making it as easy as using Web 2 browsers in the decentralized universe. 

Metaverse Browser will also enable developers and builders to easily create and deploy Web 3 apps on-chain, speeding up the creation of innovative and modern solutions across the metaverse. Users can create custom content and allow anyone to construct their own avatars, characters, virtual stores, and entire metaverse environments.

Somnia Set To Reward Early Browser Users

To bootstrap users and drive adoption to its new browser, Somnia announced a large incentive campaign following the launch of the Metaverse Browser – the Somnia Point Dream Hunt. This campaign allows users to collect points when they interact with metaverse experiences on the browser. 

Additionally, holders of Yuga Labs NFT collections will get a bonus on any points earned during the campaign, thanks to a new partnership between Yuga Labs and Somnia.

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