LBank Unveils Third Launchpad, Featuring ACGN Protocol's AIMEME Token

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LBank, a globally leading cryptocurrency trading platform, is set to make waves in the digital currency space with the official launch of its highly anticipated Launchpad on November 30, 2023. The focal point of this unveiling is the introduction of ACGN Protocol’s AIMEME token, representing a significant milestone for LBank following the successful launches of previous Launchpad projects—PINs Network and UMM.

LBank, at the forefront of promoting the globalization of cryptocurrency trading, is reinforcing its commitment through the Launchpad. The platform aims to provide global users with broader opportunities for cryptocurrency investment, contributing to the acceleration of the digital economy’s globalization. Recent strategic listings, such as the popular token $Ordi, underscore LBank’s dedication to staying in tune with market trends. The AIMEME token sale on LBank Launchpad follows a subscription format. Here are the key details:

Launchpad Participation Conditions:

·  Users must have engaged in at least one trading activity on LBank during the period.

·  Quotas based on specific snapshot conditions for BTC, ETH, USDT, LBK, XRP, TRX.

Subscription Timeline:

·      Holding Calculation Period: November 15, 2023, to November 29, 2023 (UTC)

·      Subscription Period: November 30, 2023, 06:00 to 11:00 (UTC)

·      Calculation Period: November 30, 2023, 11:00 to 13:00 (UTC)

·      Distribution: November 30, 2023, 13:00 (UTC)

 LBank invites eligible users to participate in this limited-time opportunity, contributing to the AIMEME token’s initial success on the Launchpad.

AIMEME Project Introduction

AIMEME is the token within the ACGN Protocol ecosystem, a decentralized community focusing on Anime, Comic, Game, and Novel (ACGN) fields. ACGN Protocol strives to provide users with a decentralized ACGN content platform and a robust incentive mechanism for creators and the community. The platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure content transparency, non-tamperability, and fairness, offering users an open and free ACGN cultural experience.

ACGN Protocol goes beyond being a content platform; it is a diverse digital cultural community where enthusiasts can share interests, exchange experiences, and collaborate on content creation. Through smart contracts and token incentive mechanisms, ACGN Protocol provides fair incentives for outstanding creators, fostering the creative development of the entire ACGN community.

Advantages of AIMEME Token

The AIMEME token holds extensive utility within the ACGN Protocol ecosystem, serving various purposes such as content purchases, tipping, community voting, and more. With significant appreciation potential, AIMEME is poised to become a sought-after investment choice within the digital culture domain, offering users the right to participate in the governance decisions of the ACGN Protocol community.

LBank Launchpad’s Strong Market Performance

LBank Launchpad stands out as a platform offering a diverse selection of projects, with a commitment to providing users with a safe and reliable trading environment. The successful launches of previous projects, PINs Network and UMM, attracted significant investor attention and capital, demonstrating the market’s recognition of the Launchpad’s project quality.

LBank’s Launchpad projects, including PINs and UMM, have not only attracted a large number of participants but have also maintained long-term value since their launch. The steady growth and stable returns of these projects highlight the unique appeal of LBank Launchpad, drawing increased attention and capital in the market.

About LBank

Founded in 2015, LBank stands as one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, dedicated to providing users with secure, convenient, and professional cryptocurrency trading services. The introduction of LBank Launchpad signifies further development and innovation for LBank in the blockchain industry.


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