Leni Klum Shows Off ‘Red Velvet Nails’ That Are Perfect for Valentine's Day

Leni Klum is taking cues from her mom.

In 2024, comebacks are once again very popular when it comes to trends. And right at the start of the year, red nails are experiencing a huge upswing. Whether it’s Heidi Klum, Selena Gomez, or Hailey Bieber—the stars love the color in all its different facets.

Now, Leni Klum has also been inspired by her mother’s nails and is wearing red nail polish.

In recent months, Klum has tended to focus on natural manicures. Nude nails or milky nails were her go-to nail design, until now.

In a recent Instagram story, the model’s fingers are adorned with a bright shade of red we are calling “red velvet.” Anyone who isn’t distracted by the cute dog at first will immediately notice the sizzling mani.


She stays true to herself when it comes to nail length and wears them very long. Her nail shape is a mix of almond-shaped and more pointed stiletto nails. Long nails have the advantage of visually stretching the fingers a little.

While the comeback of French nails was celebrated extensively last year, it’s now red nails’ turn. While the color—whether light or dark, bright, or dull—is always an eye-catcher, the manicure can be more expressive or more minimalist depending on the length or shape of the nails. So the red nail polish really is a manicure for everyone that can be perfectly adapted to your own taste.

Klum definitely opted for the more unusual version of the nail trend with her “red velvet” nails and shows that there is no right or wrong with red nail polish.

This story was first published in Glamour Germany.

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