LIX extends their loyalty offering for ComAve to Atlético de Madrid fans

LIX, a leading innovator in blockchain-based loyalty solutions, is excited to extend its partnership with ComAve into Spain. Atlético de Madrid, one of the region’s most prestigious football clubs, has joined the ComAve ecosystem, a premier online marketplace that blends retail and food ordering with gamified rewards and exclusive experiences. This strategic collaboration is set to unlock unparalleled opportunities, connecting millions of fans worldwide to the dynamic world of ComAve.  

ComAve integrates the LIX loyalty platform and gamification features to boost fan engagement and provide access to a wide range of discounted purchases. The LIXX rewards function as tokenized loyalty points, distributed through ComAve’s loyalty program. 

As the short sponsor of Atlético de Madrid, the ComAve global ecosystem is poised to receive significant brand exposure. Fans who interact with brands, games, or shopping experiences through ComAve will earn LIXX rewards. These rewards can then be used to unlock discounts on future orders within the ComAve ecosystem, as well as to purchase gift cards from premium brands like Apple, Starbucks, and many others. 

“We are excited to be partnering with ComAve and to provide access to Atlético de Madrid fans,” said Andrew Doxsey, Co-Founder and CEO of LIX. “This collaboration will open doors for millions of fans to experience LIXX’s innovative features through ComAve, and we’re eager to see how it enhances their experience.” 

ComAve plays a pivotal role in driving the global adoption of LIX rewards, with each sports club partnership opening the door to millions of potential users. The ComAve ecosystem aims to create the world’s largest sports community by merging the passion for sports with unique experiences, providing a global e-commerce solution that spans multiple industries. Through a seamless digital platform, fans can play games, win tickets or discounts and interact with the club and its affiliated brands.  

For further details about this partnership and how LIX is providing fan engagement and bespoke loyalty programs, please visit the website at

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