Luke Newton Says Filming the ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Sex Scenes Was a ‘Liberating Experience’

But also, what I loved this year was that they wanted to create a wardrobe for Colin. In previous seasons, we would say, “Okay, this waistcoat for this scene and that jacket for that scene.” But this season they were like, “Let’s just create a wardrobe that we can pick and choose from.” It’s things that he’s picked up from his travels and influences from all the cities that he’s been to. Even on the day [of filming, the costume department] would come to my trailer and go, “This waistcoat looks great. We can use that necktie.” Or, “That darker shirt looks great, and we can have the buttons open.” I felt like part of the process, which I feel very lucky to have had that opportunity.

In the same interview, makeup artist Erika Ökvist said that in previous seasons they emphasized round shapes with your haircut and the ruffles. They did away with that this season so they could see, to quote her, your “chiseled jaw.”

That was probably the thing I hated the most. I just never said anything about it because I knew that most of the women were wearing corsets, so I thought, “I can’t complain about a necktie being a bit too tight.”

But yeah, I loved having everything open. It was the same makeup team from season 2, so we’d formed a really good relationship. I actually spoke to Erika at the premiere of season 2, and we had a conversation at the party where she said, “What do you want to do? Should we just grow your hair from now and see where we get? What are we going to do about sideburns? Maybe just grow your beard, and we can take that to different levels.” It felt really nice to feel a part of all the decisions.

We explored so many different versions, down to the length and shape of my sideburns and if I was going to have any stubble and how we were going to style Colin’s hair. I loved a suggestion that Erika made, which was that she wanted it to feel quite windswept, like he just got a bit of salt water and put it through for a natural wave and curls. His hair was very neat and proper in previous seasons. So it, again, fueled stories of his journey to me.

You mentioned how much you liked having more input into the character. And last time we talked, you said you took it upon yourself to put more food in scenes as a nod to the books. Did you do anything like that this season?

I actually flipped that one on its head. He’s quite anxious throughout this season at times, and he’s going through a lot. So actually, I more wanted to show he’s not eating.

It’s out of character for him, right?

Yeah, he’s going through something. It’s not a comfort thing now; it’s “I’m stressed. I’m not hungry. I’m thinking about love and passion and my friend and how I can help her.”

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