Meghan Markle’s Photographer Is Looking Into ‘Legal Recourse’ Over Editing Accusations

Kate Middleton’s photo-editing scandal has cast a shadow over the entire royal family, and Meghan Markle’s photographer is sick of it.

Not long after defending Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s maternity photos from editing accusations, Misan Harriman has taken to to shut down rumors that another photo he took of the couple was manipulated. “So this is the RAW/DNG file of my image,” Harriman began, coming to the social media app with receipts. “It’s extraordinary that photographers are having to do this, what is worse is that @YouTube @YouTubeCreators is allowing these pages that publish so much hate to stay up on their platform.”

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Presumably, photo agencies and content creators have been combing through the entire royal family‘s old photos as a direct response to the Kate Middleton conspiracy theories, though this is confusing for many reasons. Many felt the UK Mothers Day portrait was shared in order to ease concerns over the Princess of Wales’s lack of public appearances following her abdominal surgery. Therefore, once photo agencies recalled the image due to manipulation concerns, it only fueled rumors that something was amiss. Sadly, Kate Middleton has recently announced she has been undergoing treatment for cancer.

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