More Bad for Biden From CNN Legal Analyst: 'Technical Elements of Crime'

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As we reported on Thursday, CNN legal analyst Elie Honig nailed Biden for claiming that he didn’t share information when the Hur Report said that he had disclosed classified information to his ghostwriter. 

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I wanted to note a little more of what Honig had to say, including that the report also contradicts Biden in regard to this being willful, in addition to contradicting him saying he did disclose the classified information. 

The report says that he shared it. 

Then Honig said something that’s also likely to find its way into a Trump ad at some point. 

Honig noted that the report seemed to essentially say the “technical elements of a crime” were met. This is an important takeaway. 

But there were “soft factors” like whether Biden was able to form the mental intent and that he would have presented a sympathetic figure to the jury with mental issues and age issues. So now are age and bad memory an excuse for alleged crime? 

Sounds like the magical “D” strikes again, just like with Hillary Clinton, where she had the classified documents in her emails, even had bleach bit and staff smashing phones, but hey, no one will convict, so we won’t bother. 

It’s funny that much of the media was losing their minds over the Hur Report point about how impaired Biden was, yet but for the “soft factors,” Biden could have been prosecuted. Are they saying he should be prosecuted when they’re trying to defend his competency? 

So no, Hur didn’t find Biden didn’t do it. Hur found there were “reasons” not to prosecute him. Of course, none of those reasons apparently apply to former President Donald Trump. He’s apparently mentally capable, not old, and not a sympathetic figure, so he can be pursued as though he were a murderer to be locked up forever. 

If Biden isn’t competent enough to criminally pursue, how can anyone put him forth as a candidate for president, the leader of the free world? Indeed, how can he be in that post now? If it’s that bad, we should be talking about the 25th Amendment. That’s why this is very bad for his election chances. 

Democrats have brought this on themselves by wrapping themselves to Biden. But if they don’t move him aside, then they are going to go down like the Titanic in November. 


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