NEW: Biden Claims He Spoke to Yet Another Dead World Leader – This Is Scary Stuff

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At this point, Democrats need to take the problem of Joe Biden seriously. 

But so far, they have largely refused to do so. 

The only Democrat who does seem to be taking Biden’s issues seriously is his challenger Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN). As we reported, Phillips raised the issue of Biden’s competence with concerning videos showing Biden talking about speaking to French President François Mitterand at the G7 in 2021. Except that Mitterand had died in 1996. Phillips also showed another video of Biden’s brain breaking as he tried to address a report about Hamas making movement toward a deal and he appeared to forget the name of Hamas, calling them the “opposition,” a bizarre thing to call terrorists. He had to be helped by a reporter with the name. Phillips is calling out for them to do something but instead, the Democrats are largely attacking him. 


Dean Phillips Posts Brutal Message About Biden’s Incoherence

YIKES: Joe Biden’s Talking to Dead People Again – and It’s Not Pretty

Biden’s Brain Breaks Badly Right in the Middle of Responses on Border and Hamas

That was on top of all his prior incidents of confusion, including trying to speak to the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) in the audience at an event after he had issued a proclamation acknowledging her death. Then, last month, at another event, he claimed that he had just taken a picture with a member of Congress who wasn’t even there. That’s not to mention the continual fantasy about Amtrak conductor Angelo Negri that Biden tells.

However, it’s getting more than a bit scary now. There’s another “dead person” story. Monday, he said he had met with Mitterand. Now, on Wednesday, telling that same 2021 G7 story, he claimed that he had spoken with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Except Helmut Kohl died in 2017. And Biden not only said it once, he said it at two separate fundraisers. 

Here’s what the pool report said: 

In addition to the Helmut Kohl, the remarks are so rambling and seem to be missing words. This was at the Mandarin Oriental. They anticipated 200 attendees, but only 50 showed up, including Robert DeNiro, to hear this wild comment. 

“First got elected president I went to a G7 meeting with 7 heads of state in Europe and I sat down and said Americas back. And president of France looked at me and said – for how long?

And I never thought of it this way. And then Helmut kohl of Germany looked at me and said what would you say Mr President if you picked up the London times tomorrow morning and learned there’s 1000 broken down the doors of the British parliament. Killed some (?) on the way in. to deny the next prime minister to

take office. And you think, what would we think?”

Then, it was the same thing at the next event. Apparently, no staff member figured out they needed to correct or stop this from the prior event. 

“It’s interesting to hear the first meeting I attended as president of the united states, it was in Great Britian. I showed up…and I sat down and said “America’s back” and macron looked at me and said for how long? How long? Not a joke. 

And with that. (inaudible) Helmut kohl said, Joe what would you think if you picked up the phone and picked up the paper tomorrow and learned in the London times on the front page that 1000 people stormed the parliament, broke down the doors of the House of Commons and killed 2 bobbies in the process and trying to stop the election of a prime minister. I thought about that. And I mean this sincerely, think about it. What would you think if another country, not nearly as powerful as us…”

As I previously reported, he couldn’t keep his “one existential threat” straight either. 

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People on X thought that enough was enough, it was approaching abuse, and that this is incredibly dangerous for this country.

At this point, he’s putting us in jeopardy and signaling to world leaders — live ones (including our enemies) — that we are a country without a competent leader at the helm. 

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