PRConnect Partners With MediaFuse to Expand Its News Distribution Service

Digital content provider PRConnect has announced a partnership with MediaFuse that will help to amplify its news distribution service. In particular, it will enable PRConnect to access best-in-class PR distribution, ensuring that its clients can have newswire stories published globally in key strategic markets.

MediaFuse oversees a major news distribution empire through its subdivisions Chainwire, FinanceWire, CyberNewsWire, and GamingWire. Combined, they form a full stack newswire publishing company that excels at reaching specific industries and verticals. The partnership with MediaWire will allow PRConnect to access audiences spanning fintech, gaming, and cybersecurity among others.

The Art of PR Distribution

As its name would suggest, PRConnect is no slouch when it comes to press release distribution. As a full service agency, it helps clients get noticed through the timely and widespread syndication of important news bulletins, be it a product update, change of leadership, or sudden crisis. PRConnect boasts of having served over 10 million articles, helping clients get their content placed in endpoints all over the web.

In partnering with MediaFuse, this capability has been significantly enhanced. Subsidiary ChainWire, for example, has become the preeminent newswire distribution service for the blockchain industry. Its platform, which operates similarly to that of sister companies FinanceWire, CyberNewsWire, and GamingWire, allows clients to enjoy PR distribution and tracking via a single dashboard.

A client can upload a PR to ChainWire and then watch the results of their campaign filter in, delivered in real-time. There’s also support for localization, ensuring that a single release can be simultaneously published in multiple territories and languages. PRConnect already has experience of what blockchain can do to enhance business processes, incidentally: it uses the technology to create cryptographic hashes to provide proof of content sourcing and placement.

Syndication and Attribution

While PRConnect already has a global reach, its primary market is presently North America. Through its partnership with MediaFuse, it will gain a valuable presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Many of the services MediaFuse companies provide significantly overlap with those PRConnect offers its own clients. The collaboration will therefore draw upon each partner’s inherent strengths while allowing clients to amplify their message.

The ability to publish newswires simultaneously around the world is important, but attribution is equally vital. Clients want to be able to monitor campaign performance to understand how their message is being received and which markets are particularly receptive to it. This is something that MediaFuse companies excel at, and was a primary driver in PRConnect’s decision to work with them.

“By partnering with MediaFuse, we have accelerated plans to provide our partners with end-to-end content marketing fulfilment services,” said PRConnect CEO Wing Yu.  “We are especially excited about our immediate ability to tap into a massive network of branded technology-focused media sites that encompasses Europe, the Middle East and Asia.”

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