RedState Weekly Briefing: Elon Calls It, Joe and Jill Bungle It, AOC Loses It

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#1 – Elon Musk Calls It Like He Sees It: ‘There Is Either a Red Wave This November or America Is Doomed’ — by Bob Hoge 

In recent years, however, much of his commentary veers sharply from today’s progressive orthodoxy, and he’s also been an outspoken supporter of free speech. 

As we reported, Musk visited with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago in early March, sparking speculation that he’s going to go all in on Republicans. But at the time, he posted to X that it wouldn’t be the case: “Just to be super clear, I am not donating money to either candidate for US President.”

He warns that although the predicted red wave never materialized in the 2022 midterm elections, we’re in real trouble if voters keep Biden and the Dems in power this time around:

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#2 – Joe and Jill Gaffe at WH Event, She Tries to Direct Joe Off Stage but It Goes South — by Nick Arama 

If there’s anything that Joe Biden doesn’t do, it’s act quickly, it’s why so many issues are a mess, including the border. He refused to believe there were problems there until he was forced into it by election polling. But he’s still not doing anything to resolve the issues. Instead, he’s just trying to blame the GOP for the disaster, saying he can’t do anything until they pass a bill. 

Then Jill spoke about Alzheimer’s and endometriosis. But “Dr. Jill” couldn’t pronounce endometriosis. Watch Kamala’s face as she tries to hold it together and mouths how to say the word.

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#3 – The Mystery of Biden’s New Boat Anchor Shoes Has Been Solved, and It’s Worse Than Speculated — by Bonchie

Now, look, I understand I might be getting myself in trouble here because some of you may have Hokas. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wearing them to exercise in, which is their primary use for everyone I know who owns them. That’s not what’s happening here, though. The President of the United States has to wear giant-soled tennis shoes just to walk across the grass to board a helicopter. He’s wearing them with suits, not workout clothes.

During Inside Edition’s report, they mention that the shoes are designed for “maximum stability.” That’s true, which speaks to just how bad things have gotten for Biden. If he were wearing them when he walked around his Delaware property, no one would bat an eye. The fact that he’s having to wear these things in formal situations hits differently, though.

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#4 – MUST-SEE: AOC Has a Mental Breakdown After Bobulinski Runs Circles Around Her — by Bonchie

Whatever theater lessons she took during school, I’d suggest she take more. Her entire delivery is overwrought and comical. It’s not impactful, and it doesn’t stand out or make her point more interesting. She just comes across as a know-nothing, which she is. 

They say never ask a question you don’t want the answer to. Ocasio-Cortez should probably take that one to heart. She wasn’t expecting Bobulinski to be ready with actual statutes when she asked her pre-planned “gotcha.”

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#5 – Report: Biden Is Losing It Over Reelection Chances Against Trump, ‘Seething’ Behind the Scenes — by Nick Arama 

That’s why he’s now throwing Israel and Netanyahu under the bus, and doing all he can to try to appeal to the left to get them back into the fold. 

The polls have left him frustrated and questioning the travel and communication strategies. The report claims he doesn’t think he’s getting enough credit for “an economy that created 15 million new jobs.” 

Maybe because he didn’t do any such thing? Most of those were just people returning to work after the pandemic. Indeed, he has “created” some jobs — he’s made people have to get second jobs because of Bidenflation. That’s the problem, he’s not existing in reality, and the American people are so they’re able to see past the Democratic propaganda.

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