Rosalía Takes Eyebrow Slits to the Next Level While Embracing the Exposed-Thong Trend

While soap brows have been trending since the pandemic, Spanish singer Rosalía just turned the volume (and her brows) all the way up for the Latin Grammy Awards.

On November 16, Rosalía pulled up to the red carpet in Seville, Spain, with a glam look that’s bound to polarize the beauty community. With the help of makeup artist Ariel, the 31-year-old singer and trendsetter appeared to embrace the strawberry girl aesthetic with rosy cheeks and barely there eye makeup while letting her brunette hair down in loose, natural curls. However, she deviated from minimalist glam by rocking an extremely laminated brow that clumps her brows into distinct, pointed sections.

Rosalía teased the look on her Instagram Story.


From afar, this dramatic look gives the effect of multiple shaved eyebrow slits—and there’s definitely a vision playing out on the red carpet. While Rosalía’s sheer black Balenciaga gown could almost be considered demure, with its delicate lace fabric, long sleeves, and train, the artist adds a little bit of spice by embracing the exposed-thong trend. Overall, the entire look adds sharp edges to soft femininity. As they say, every Rosalía has its thorns….

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