Selena Gomez's Mysterious VMAs Meme Clap Back, Explained

Selena Gomez does not want to be turned into a meme anymore thankyouverymuch. Alas.

To her Instagram stories, the “Single Now” artist posted several photos from her night at the VMAs, as well as a text block reading, “I will never be a meme again. I’d rather sit still than be dragged for being myself. Much love.” Is she talking about the VMAs or is she talking about the blanket photo?

Selena Gomez/Instagram

It’s not entirely clear if Gomez’s tone here is meant to be playful or dead serious, but I can tell you that she may be getting the meme treatment already. Much like what is happening with bestie Taylor Swift, certain clips of Gomez’s reactions while in the audience at the 2023 video music awards started going viral before the night was even out—two in particular.

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