Senate Candidate Proposes Absurd Minimum Wage Figure

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The California senate race is heating up as former Dodgers star pitcher and current senate candidate Steve Garvey (R-CA) debated three Democrats who currently serve in Congress — Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, and Barbara Lee. 

During the debate, Barbara Lee made an absurd comment about the minimum wage, saying it should be $50 an hour. That drew criticism from Democrat opponent and former local TV journalist Christina Pascucci. 

During the 2020 Democrat primary, the debate was around a $15 federal minimum wage. Now, Lee’s saying that in California the minimum wage should be $50 due to how expensive the state has become. What she did not mention is that the CA assembly, state senate, and Governor are all Democrats. This is the result of a one-party rule in a state that used to have a balanced and moderate approach when it came to policies.

Numerous small businesses would struggle to operate should the minimum wage increase to $50. Moreover, raising the minimum wage fails to tackle California’s housing crisis. The state faces a shortage of inventory, compounded by developers staying away from new projects due to red tape and bureaucratic hurdles. Despite declining interest rates, experts anticipate no significant drop below five percent in the near future. 

Although the interest rates are higher than a few years ago, buyers and investors are adjusting and buying properties, oftentimes offering above and beyond the listing price; however, many are stuck renting and waiting for rates to drop. This issue will continue as long as rates remain high and inventory remains low. It will not change if those issues are not addressed, no matter what the minimum wage is, although workers could be replaced and businesses could leave the state as well. 

As far as the race goes, Lee is facing Schiff for the senate seat, who, as we know, lied to over 300 million Americans. Her minimum wage proposal is unrealistic, to say the least. However, she has always held an anti-war stance in Congress and knows what it’s like to live in poverty raising two children. She was also homeless in her early life, but she lifted herself up from the struggle.

Some California Republicans have suggested voting for Porter or Lee instead of Garvey as an anti-Schiff vote so he will be denied a senate win during the general election. The polls currently show Schiff with the lead, but Porter and Garvey tied for 2nd at 15 percent each.

In California, there are as many registered Democrats as there are registered Republicans and Independents combined. Although Garvey has a good chance of finishing in the top two, some have argued that voting for Porter would deny Schiff the win. Schiff might be sensing that he will lose in the general election if Porter finishes in the top two because he is continuously running ads to bolster Garvey’s name. It is certainly something that some California Republicans are thinking about as they head to the polls in March.

Lee’s minimum wage proposal will be dead on arrival among Republicans in Congress, as well as moderate Democrats in the Senate.

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