Sydney Sweeney Took ‘Chaotic’ Mirror Selfies in a Flirty Bandana Two-Piece

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Is anyone else incredibly distracted by the fuzzy purple rug in the room behind her? It’s so purple! I need to know what the rest of the decor looks like!

“i dont do mirror selfies often but when i do they are chaotic” Sweeney captioned her pictures. A little chaotic, sure! I’m mostly confused by trying to figure out what kind of phone she has—it has a screen on both sides?

Sydney Sweeney


Anyway, commenters predictably lost their minds not understanding why it’s okay for Syd to “sexualize” herself if others aren’t allowed to, because the concept of “consent” has yet to sink in for some people. TL;DR: it’s her body she can do what she wants. In April, she cheekily addressed the world’s obsession with her figure. In her April 22 photo dump on Instagram, the White Lotus actor included a few pics of herself wearing a sweatshirt reading, “Sorry for Having Great Tits.” No need to apologize, girly.

If you want to take your own chaotic mirror selfies, the Miu Miu skirt is available for $1,890, and the top is actually a halter that Sydney Sweeney apparently untied and tucked in. Chaotically.

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