Taylor Swift Changed a Joe Alwyn ‘Karma’ Lyric to be About Travis Kelce—and His Reaction Was So Emotional

Taylor Swift had Travis Kelce on the brain during the second Eras Tour concert in Argentina.

If Swifties thought the biggest reference to the Kansas City Chiefs player—who was watching from the VIP tent—would just come during the surprise song section of the setlist, they were mistaken. Of course, the 33-year-old pop star did end up singing “End Game” on November 10, so someone in the universe owes me $50. Although, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who predicted Blondie would sing this song during her acoustic set. With lyrics like “I wanna be your first string, I wanna be your A-team,” and “Ooh, you and me, we’d be a big conversation,” the song itself feels like a premonition. You can watch that performance here.

As fun as that moment was, the real surprise came during the final portion of the evening, in the middle of a little song called “Karma.” The Midnights song contains a strong reference to Swift’s ex, 32-year-old actor Joe Alwyn: “Karma is that guy on the screen running straight home to me.” The pop star dated the actor for six years before the couple split in April. According to a source speaking with People at the time, Alwyn “struggled” with Swift’s level of fame. You know who doesn’t seem to have that problem? The 34-year-old NFL player with two Super Bowl rings to his name.

Perhaps that’s why Swift switched the lyric to “Karma is that guy on the Chiefs running straight home to me.” See for yourself here. You only need to watch TikTok star Jake Shane’s reaction to the moment to know how Swifties are feeling about this. They’re already making ship edits with the new version of the song.

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Don’t worry, a fan was able to capture Kelce’s reaction, which can be viewed here. That gesture can only be described as pure awe. Meanwhile, Swift’s father, Scott Swift, appears to approve as well! But that’s not the last of it. Another fan caught the football player blowing Swift a kiss after processing his emotions.

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