The Drama of 'Stellar Blade': The Game With a Sexy Female Protagonist That Has Leftists Furious

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Some of my readers, namely the gamers and culture hounds, will have already heard of the game “Stellar Blade,” a hack-n’-slash action game due out in April made by South Korean studio “Shift Up.” The game’s trailer makes it seem like a high-octane ride but for leftists, there’s an issue. 

Play the trailer and see if you can spot it. 

If your reaction to the trailer was “I don’t see what the problem is,” then congratulations, you’re a normal person. 

But for people on the left, this game is sinful beyond forgiveness. Why? 

Because the female protagonist is good-looking. Not only is she pretty, she’s sexy to boot. Her skin-tight uniform and her…*ahem* assets are pretty pronounced. Even in action, she’s flexible and graceful like a ballerina, further highlighting her sex appeal. 

For normal people, this isn’t that big of a deal. Even people who might find the sex appeal a little over-the-top would shrug it off after a comment or two. But for the left, this is egregious. A sexy woman in a video game? That cannot stand. No woman should be made for the “male gaze.” 

For instance, look at the reactions to this game’s trailer from New Yorkers who see the protagonist for the first time. 

To be sure, many of the Western game journalists had the same reaction to the lead character as these New Yorkers being interviewed do. They claim that there are no women who look like this and that the game developers are just creating sexy women to appeal to horny nerds by exaggerating certain parts of her, which is ultimately a blatant disrespect toward women. According to them, women like this don’t actually exist. 

Only they do. In fact, the main character is the wildly popular model and actress Shin Jae-eun of South Korea. While the developer said the face was altered to further make the character more original, Shin’s body makes up the majority of the model. 

Sexy women, especially ones that men would enjoy looking at, aren’t allowed in Western culture, at least according to them. All women characters must be more homely. Even if the models used to create Western game characters are beautiful, they must be made to look a little more ugly in order to be approved by game journalists and various game Gestapo groups like Sweet Baby Inc., an “advisory” company that destroys every game it touches by introducing woke nonsense.  

But the drama doesn’t end there. 

A boycott of the game has been attempted because Shift Up allegedly fired two feminists from the development team who had a problem with the fact that the protagonist was so pretty. As YouTuber Yellow Flash covered, a now-deleted X thread from one of the supposedly fired women claims she’s a former employee who was victimized by the misogynistic culture at Shift Up. 

It’s unclear if this claim was real or fake as there doesn’t seem to be much material to confirm the claim’s legitimacy, but regardless, it’s what some of the social justice obsessed on the left used as an excuse to attempt to kick up a boycott. 

But all of this amounts to one major issue; the left hates beauty and sexiness.

At least women’s sexiness. There are still plenty of games out there where the men are cut like steel with eight-pack abs and handsome faces. These leftist woke scolds and their holier-than-thou attitudes seem to have no issues with that. 

But regardless, all of this started because of womanly beauty being displayed, which is something that the left seems to hate so much that they won’t just uglify women digitally, they’ll uglify themselves. In fact, the only time they seem to approve of womanly beauty in a classical sense is when it’s on a man. 

In the end, there’s really nothing actually wrong with beautiful women or sex appeal. It’s perfectly natural for men to seek out sexiness and beauty and for women to want to embody it. As I’ve written about before in more detail, we’re wired for this kind of thing, but if there’s one thing the hard left hates it’s anything natural. 

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