The Tube Bag Is the Trendy Little Purse You Need in Summer 2024

The tube bag—also known as the barrel bag because of, well, its barrel shape—is back in the limelight and quickly becoming one of the most popular accessories for spring and summer 2024. And we predict the same will be true for next winter, so this could turn out to be the investment piece of the year.

Popular for its small, yet somehow roomy, design and the ability to elevate any outfit, the tube bag is showing up all over street style and in the arms of celebrities like Bella Hadid. However, this isn’t really a new trend but rather a revival: The origins of the barrel bag date back to the 1960s, and established itself as a cult accessory in the 1990s and 2000s thanks to brands like Louis Vuitton. Today, both vintage and modern designs are in style.

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It’s no coincidence that Bella Hadid recently sported a colorful Prada barrel bag, specifically a two-tone saffiano leather model that was first presented at the resort 2010 fashion show. Seeing it on Hadid’s arm, one cannot help but notice how beautifully the shape has stood the test of time.

prada barrel bag

Bella Hadid seen with her tube bag in New York City.


tube bag

Prada resort 2010 fashion show

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Inspired, we shopped several barrel bag options for you.

Where to buy the tube bag

First up is Mango’s barrel bag. The weave here is not natural raffia but rather fabric that emulates leather, so it’s more resistant to rubbing. The textured pattern also emulates the finish of wicker, making it a great summer accessory, while the burgundy color matches the maroon sandals that are so trendy this year.

For more minimal personalities, there is Zara’s black cylindrical shoulder bag, which is made with a matte finish and a gold chain strap.

Mango Lattice Effect Cylindrical Shoulder Bag

Zara Cylindrical Shoulder Bag

The highest price point on our list, Tory Burch’s Fleming bag is cut from soft leather with a structured design and a chain strap. It’s great for everyday wear because it can hold all your essentials and more.

Or this purse from Generic, below, is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a simple design. You can find it on Amazon in black, brown, and beige—all shades that work in any season.

Tory Burch Fleming Barrel Shoulder Bag

Generic Women’s Crossbody Body Bag

For lovers of Y2K style, there is Juicy Couture’s “pink lemonade” take on the barrel bag. Perfect for party girls.

Or finally, try this crocodile-patterned cylinder purse from Anni Riel. It’s available on Amazon in green, black, white, and khaki.

Juicy Couture Mini Barrel Pink Lemonade Bag

Anni Riel Crocodile Pattern Cylinder Purse

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