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While the joy of giving someone a gift they love is truly unmatched, it’s no secret that gift-giving can be a tad bit stressful when it isn’t something you’re naturally amazing at. Hey, we all have our strengths, and if that’s not one of yours, trust us—you’re not alone. Trying to come up with the perfect thing to give someone is one thing, and a huge factor that can make it even more daunting is if it’s a long-distance situation. Suddenly, it’s not just about finding the perfect gift—it’s about finding a way to seamlessly convey your love and appreciation from miles and miles away. But, in a world where physical proximity often dictates the ease of gift-giving, Moonpig is a game-changer.

Long-distance gift-giving is already a feat in and of itself, but doing so for the dads in your life makes the whole thing even more daunting. What do you get the man who seemingly has everything or claims he wants nothing? It’s a conundrum many of us face all of the time, particularly when Father’s Day rolls around. But this year, with just a few clicks, you can browse through a massive array of heartfelt and thoughtful cards, with each one bound to bring a smile to your dad’s face no matter how far away he may be. And this year, Moonpig is offering us a special discount code that will get you your first card completely FREE—just use EVERYGIRLDAD at checkout to make the best of our favorite long-distance gift-giving hack.

Why Moonpig is our first choice for long-distance gifting:

With a huge variety of customizable cards and gifts tailored for every type of dad, from the Softy Dad to the Cheesy Joke Dad and everything in between, Moonpig ensures that distance is never a barrier to expressing all of the love you have for them. Their selection spans from personalized cards where you can incorporate your own personal photos to unique designs with beautiful original artwork, offering something perfect for everyone. And even better, Moonpig’s affordability makes it accessible to everyone, offering their cards at an insanely affordable price point. So this Father’s Day, regardless of how far apart you may be, you can use Moonpig to easily make the dads in your life feel loved and appreciated.

On top of all of that, Moonpig goes beyond just cards by offering the option to pair your cards with gift cards from some of your favorite retailers like Lowe’s, Callaway, Doordash, and more. So whether you want to add a practical touch or lean into your dad’s niche interests, Moonpig’s range of gift card options caters to pretty much anything you can think of. And if more loved ones want to get in on the gift, Moonpig offers a group card feature that allows multiple contributors to join in to craft a message and contribute personalized touches. So whether you’re customizing your own special creation or going for a group effort, Moonpig can make it happen. With all they have to offer, the days of worrying about long-distance gift-giving are truly over.

From sentimental to funny to minimal and beyond… shop some of our favorite Moonpig cards for Father’s Day:

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