Tom Sandoval Had the Weakest Response to Raquel Leviss's Instagram Block

Bro, get over it. Public nuisance Tom Sandoval appears to be absolutely allergic to the high road, as he responded to Rachel Leviss—former friend and affair-mate—blocking him on Instagram by…talking smack about her.

To catch you up: On September 12, Leviss’s birthday, Sandoval commented on one of her posts, “Happy Birthday, Rachel, I really hope ur finding peace and happiness. Miss u friend.” Kind of a weird thing to say publicly (coulda been a DM, no?) but not the worst sentiment. Leviss, though, not interested in any interaction with the man who cheated on his partner of many years with her, blocked him, then posted evidence of the block to Instagram Stories.

Mere hours later Sandoval responded, telling People, “Obviously, I think it’s a little immature and petty.” To be fair, the magazine did ask; it’s not like he just called them up to whine. And no, it’s not the most mature thing in the world to advertise blocking someone, which is what he seems to have an issue with, as he continued, “To post that you’re blocking seems a bit thirsty. I wanted to just send her some love, let her know that happy birthday, whatever.” But, like…dude. Take the hint. Just leave her alone. She’s celebrating the end of her 20s and trying to move on from a super-painful public bashing that sent her to a mental health facility. You’re a 40-year-old man who couldn’t bother to write out “y-o-u” in a birthday message to your supposed friend. Maybe let her have this one?

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Tom Sandoval says he wishes his quasi-ex the “best” and didn’t mean for his comment to “cause any sort of negativity.” He revealed, “I just wanted to be nice and say, ‘Hey, hope you’re having fun. Hope you’re doing well.’” That’s good for someone who is famously not great at reacting to stuff.

This, though, is bad: “I just kind of feel bad for her, in a way. I don’t understand. I think she’s really struggling with taking accountability for her actions and just wants to point fingers and be mad at everybody else. There were two of us in this situation. We both screwed up.” I think…the person who was in a relationship…screwed up more than the person who…just got caught up in something? Can someone get this guy a mirror?

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