Trump Coin Takes Over Miami Skyline

YUGE Coin (YUGE) has been spotted flying a plane banner along South Beach Miami to kick off a string of marketing stunts which they’re calling the “YUGE Summer Takeover”. Crypto bros up and down the beach took to X to tweet out their thoughts:

Earlier this year, commuters in New York, Toronto, London, and Dubai spotted a series of billboard campaigns teasing the cryptic message “Something YUGE is Coming.”

We reached out to the YUGE team, a group of colleagues from an NYC marketing agency. They said they started the project as a case study to win more business for the agency; their goal is to be a top 10 meme coin by the US election, and failure is not an option.

They told us they have marketing activations planned all the way until the US election in November, and will soon be releasing Take Back America: Episode 1, their animated meme series which is inspired by US politics.

With an entire marketing agency behind it and no shortage of creative ideas, YUGE will likely make some noise this election season. We joked with them that, hopefully for their sake, Trump isn’t behind bars anytime soon. They told us they’ve already planned for that scenario and have some outrageous marketing stunts planned that would surely ruffle some feathers in the mainstream media.

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