Trump Has Some Surprising—and Funny—Campaign Advice for Joe Biden

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Donald Trump has some advice for Joe Biden. Following the president’s horrific debate performance and subsequent ABC interview, Biden’s reelection prospects melted like the Wicked Witch of the West. 

But don’t listen to the naysayers, Trump advised in a tongue-in-cheek Truth Social post on Saturday—just keep doing what you’re doing. “MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN!” the former president exhorted:

He should be sharp, precise, and energetic, just like he was in The Debate, in selling his policies of Open Borders (where millions of people, including record numbers of Terrorists, are allowed to enter our Country, from prisons and mental institutions, totally unchecked and unvetted!), to Ending Social Security, Men playing in Women’s sports, High Taxes, High Interest Rates, encouraging a Woke Military, Uncontrollable Inflation, Record Setting Crime, Only Electric Vehicles, Subservience to China and other Countries, Endless Wars, putting America Last, losing our Dollar Based Standard, and so much more. Yes, Sleepy Joe should continue his campaign of American Destruction and, MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN!

I personally find this sarcastic trolling to be quite funny, but I know that some on the Republican side and virtually everyone on the Democrat team despises his odd use of the rules of grammar, including his sentences in all caps and capitalizing random words. But even if you don’t like his style, he’s dead right on calling out the mentally declining president not for his apparent cognitive difficulties, age, or personality—but for the very real failure of many of his policies. 

He should be “selling his policies of Open Borders,” Trump says, mocking the absolute humanitarian and security disaster the president has created. Biden has overseen an estimated 7.8 million illegal border crossings and at least 1.5 million “gotaways” – with some estimates coming in much higher. Who knows how many of those want to commit terroristic acts against our country?

Biden should be campaigning on “Uncontrollable Inflation,” the former president suggests. As we all know, inflation has skyrocketed under Biden, and interest rates have at times gone up to heights not seen since 2006.

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Trump’s laundry list of Biden’s failures includes “Men playing in Women’s sports,” “encouraging a Woke Military,” “Subservience to China,” and more. What I like about this humorous approach is that instead of just saying, “You’re an old, dementia-riddled fraud who should step down,” he instead uses well-deserved mockery to make his point. They’re not personal attacks (except for the “Crooked Joe” nickname, of course); he’s simply pointing out all the areas where Biden has hurt America.

At this point, however, it’s hard to predict whether Joe can continue his “powerful and far-reaching campaign.” With the calls for him to step down reaching a deafening cacophony, it’s fair to wonder whether he’ll make it through this week.

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